How To Find Relevant High Traffic Low Competition Keywords

Low Competition Keywords are Key to Making Money Online

In previous posts I’ve covered niche and market research as well as finding relevant keywords with high traffic that will bring a lot of visitors to your website. That is if you can get your content onto page 1 of Google.

Relevance and traffic are two key characteristics of great keywords but the third is perhaps the most important, and that is Competition.

There are often many thousands, even millions of websites competing for the top ranking on the first page of search engine results in Google. In order for your website to get the coveted first few spots it has to attract more attention than the competition.

You don’t have to have a perfect website to do that, you just need to be better than your competition.

It’s sort of like the two hunters who confront a Grizzly Bear and they’ve left their guns in camp.

One is short and overweight while the other is lean and fit. The latter bends down and quickly tightens his shoelaces. The other says “what are you doing? You’ll never outrun a Grizzly”.  To which the lean guy replies “I don’t have to outrun the bear, all I have to do is outrun you.”

The same applies to your marketing. You just have to choose keywords carefully based on relevance, traffic and the competition you’ll face. You just have to be a LITTLE better than the competition!

How do you measure the amount of competition your keywords will face?

CompetitionYou can do some simple things like have a look at the Google Keyword Planner. You’ll see Google’s estimates of high, medium and low competition. You’ll also see the average cost per click that people running an Adwords campaign could expect to pay for a click on one of their ads triggered by that keyword.

You can also use tools like SEOQuake to analyze  the top websites that rank for that keyword or key phrase. I covered that in a previous post which you can check out here.

But if you have Market Samurai you can cover a lot of ground really fast and get a great deal more information about the competition. Check this short video for a quick demonstration of how to assess the competition.

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Going through this exercise is a critical step in your marketing process. Get it right and find the right keywords and build your content around it and you will have a steady flow of leads. Market Samurai provides detailed training videos on exactly how to use the software. I have provided a brief treatment here and in the video.

Building a List is Essential for Online Marketing Success

And as you know building a list is they key to your online marketing success. Without it you will have nobody to sell anything to. It’s said that every person on your list is worth about $1.00/month. Build a list of 500 and generate an average of $500.00/month. Have 10,000 on your list and you are into 5 figures per month.

It’s definitely worth the work involved in selecting the proper, money making keywords. Then you just need to choose a way of driving the traffic to your content. More on that later but why not checkout Market Samurai now?

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