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Your Simple Home Business Success Formula and the Arctic Fox Incident

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Arctic Fox

Just thinking about a very important question that needs to be asked of yourself every once in a while. Which is “Why Are YOU Here Now?” Your home business success formula requires you have a very clear answer to that question.

Why are you doing what you do? For most people it’s pretty obvious. You START a home business for the purpose of making MON.EY from home. If anyone spins you anything else, (and they do) it will be a crock.

Oh maybe after you’ve looked after your initial NEED of actually making a bunch of money, you’ll be able to genuinely say you do what you do to help other people, or something equally magnanimous and noble.

But for starters, let’s just be honest right from the start.

I started my home business with the intent of living a richer lifestyle. Plain and simple. Yeah, I knew even then that if I was gonna make mone.y I was gonna have to help other people make mon.ey. That’s a key element of any home business success formula.

None-the-less, I intended that:

I Intended

  • I would never have to struggle again,
  • I’d make sure my family enjoys an awesome lifestyle.
  • I would also make sure our financial future was secure.

And I’m sticking to that plan because I’ve had enough of struggle and it’s no damn fun. My decision was to make the most of my life and live in the present moment. Simply because that’s what I can control. That goes for YOU too.

Here’s the sad part.

Thousands start a home business each month but most people will never earn more than $10/month! And what’s the reason for that?

There’s a ton of reasons which we can talk about later, but for now let’s talk about the main ones, of which there are three:

Lack of skills

Results are based on sales. Sales are based on your ability to market successfully. The majority of people looking for a home business success formula know diddly about sales and marketing.

And No, the product won’t just ‘sell itself’. Heard that line before? Pure crock of you know what!

And No, you won’t build a profitable business blasting your link around on social media.

Dinky little commissions.

You need an organization of active people the size of a big city or small country to make those 30 or 40 buck commissions stretch into the 5 or 10 or 20 K per month you came for.

It can be done because a bunch of people have done it… but you’ll never get the real story as to how they did it. And it ain’t the way they tell you when you get to your first typical meeting.

You run out of money

Those little commissions won’t even pay for your monthly autoship requirement let alone your marketing costs, so most people cut their losses after maybe 60-90 days and just quit.

Not designed to keep you motivated is it!

So you say “What’s the solution?” And I say it’s really not all that obscure.


  • You just have to dive deep into sales and marketing of YOUR business.
  • Yes, you actually have to roll up your sleeves and get to work, dude.
  • It’s what serious entrepreneurs do – everyday.

 The Simple  Keys To Home Business Success


  • Choose something that pays you real commissions, like $1000 per sale.
  • Choose a high-end high paying affiliate product with Intrinsic Value. Many people are looking for that sort of opportunity.
  • Get hooked up with some real pros who aren’t trying to sell you the latest “get rich quick with no money and no work” crap

Here’s the real clincher though.

You put the same work into marketing a bottle of antioxidant juice or a bottle of vitamins… That pays you PEANUTS… As you do marketing a high end product that pays you BIG commissions!

What would you rather have in return for your time, money and effort?

Yeah…. me too. Big commissions make for much better chances of home business success.


  • When you’re earning commissions of at least $1000,
  • 4 sales a week = $16,000 at the end of the month.
  • Three times what the average Joe or Jane make in their JOB.
  • Just sayin’ – that’s the groove you want to be in.
  • Find it here and Ignite Your Online Success
  • Pays out $1000, $3000, and $7000 per sale.

Talk soon but until then, consider what your home business success formula looks like.

May the Power be Yours!

Home Business Success Formula



P.S. I discovered why, besides having awesome eyesight and nerves of steel, that Billie was such a marksman as I related to you about the Bearded Seal. Like anything else, being an expert marksman took a lot of practice and Billy took every opportunity to do just that. I had a helluva time keeping him from shooting everything that moved.

The Arctic Fox Incident went like this.

Anderson River Delta NWT

Anderson River Delta, NWT

So Billie and I are at my research camp at Anderson River Northwest Territories in Canada. One night in early August, just when the sun was low enough in the sky to produce a couple of hours of dimly lit dusk, we happened onto a couple of Arctic foxes skittering around downstream from us.

We could hardly see them as they flitted about in the foggy evening light about 100 yards away, in and out of sight.

None-the-less, Billy had to see if he could shoot one of them and fired at least a box of cartridges before the light faded and we could see the foxes no more. Never got one but it sure wasn’t from lack of trying.

In a land and a lifestyle where your very survival depended on taking game for their skins, fat and meat, it’s perfectly understandable that guys like Billy took every opportunity presented. You just never knew when the next one would come.

We were socked in with fog

That’s why I had a difficult time keeping him from shooting moose and caribou as we waited for our plane to arrive to take us back to Inuvik where I was to catch a DC-6 and head on back to Edmonton.

We had finished boarding up the windows and doors with big panels of plywood with 6 inch spikes sticking out every few inches, and erecting an electrified barbed wire around the perimeter. The place had been broken into by barren ground grizzlies two years in a row. Those big boys knew nothing of doors so they just walked through walls and pretty much trashed the interior each time.

The previous fall when the CWS Ornithologist (bird scientist) from Inuvik had returned to close the place up for the winter, he had to shoot a grizzly as it came barreling out of the cabin at him, a 48 oz. can of tomatoes in his mouth! Nothing that exciting involved in home business success! A good thing I think.

So we’re all packed up and waiting for the weather to clear so the big old Single Otter on floats could come in to get us. Three days of sitting around with nothing to do was almost more than energizer Billy could stand.  I successfully talked him out of taking a trip up river to see what we could find.

As we took off and I looked down upon the cabin and the little shack that served as my laboratory, I knew I’d be back next year and I was already looking forward to it.

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