High Paying Affiliate Programs

Big Affiliate Commissions Are Better

High Paying Affiliate ProgramsAffiliate marketing used to be simple. Now it is a very large, highly competitive industry. One mistake most beginning affiliate marketers make is not thinking big enough to get themselves out of the crowd and into the fast lane of high paying affiliate programs.

The lure of affiliate marketing is you can get started making money without having a product or website of your own. All you need to do is go sign up as an affiliate at Amazon, Ebay, JVZoo, Linkconnector, Commission Junction or thousands of other affiliate networks.

Promote Other People’s Products

Then start promoting some of the products and earn a commission on each sale. That sounds simple, and I like simple. But it really is not, for several reasons. First is you have to sell a lot of each product or service to make any significant income. Commission percentages average 6% to 10% with higher paying ones being 20% to 25% max.

Second you are faced with marketing several products, each perhaps from different affiliate networks, to make more than a few hundred per month. Things are starting to get complicated and simple goes out the window.

Affiliate Marketing Gets Complicated

Eventually you are going to want to be in more control. You will want and need to set up your own websites to promote specific products. So you’ll start searching for and purchasing domains in the niches your preferred products are in.

You’ll end up with multiple domains, depending on the number of products or niches you work with. At first you will simply point them to the affiliate website provided by the product publisher. But you’ll have the advantage of using domain names that are more SEO friendly. You’ll supposedly have a competitive advantage.

Next you will want to be in complete control and establish websites on those domains you’ve been using to promote the affiliate products you are selling. You will want to complete the 8 Steps to Success I wrote about elsewhere.

Your Most Valuable Business Asset

There are many reasons you’ll want to do that but the main one is you will own and control your most valuable business asset; your list of prospective customers. Instead of sending every lead you generate via your marketing efforts to the affiliate site, you’ll send them to YOUR list.

From your list, which is now exclusively yours, you can direct then to any offer you wish. But now you have really complicate the situation. You have multiple websites running multiple offers paying small commissions for each sale. To make the big bucks you are in a constant flurry of activity.

High Paying Affiliate Programs The Solution

Back to thinking big. If I’m going to develop one or more websites to sell affiliate products it’s going to be focused on high paying affiliate programs. It takes no more effort to promote a high paying affiliate product with commissions in the $1,000’s than it does to promote a $27 product paying peanuts in commissions.

The thought of chasing after multiple sales of trinkets, gadgets, lotions and potions that pay a few dollars per sale in commissions does not appeal to me. I can set up one website, develop it properly, and then promote multiple high paying affiliate programs from the same site.

Think big but keep it simple. So I invite you to discover how you can get started on the road to building your own Elite Affiliate Marketing business and earn more in one sale than most home business owners earn in a full year. And forget the mlm hype, the tiny commissions, qualifying rules, pin level shenanigans and disappearing downlines too! Click the button below.


High Paying Affiliate Programs



P.S. It’s really easy to undervalue yourself and believe you can’t achieve big goals. When I think of that I remember a passage from Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In The World; “Never will I commit the terrible crime of aiming too low.”

Pretty pertinent to all areas of your life; your job, your relationships and your home business. Years ago, after I had completed all the University studies I had planned I started work with a major Canadian conservation organization called Ducks Unlimited Canada. I started out as the Biologist responsible for the waterfowl habitat management in the Province of Manitoba. Was that an eye opener.

Set Big Goals

The first thing they handed me was a big wetland development project that was gonna cost $3 Million! They said you and the Engineer get this thing designed and approved by the board and see too it the project gets built. And once it’s built, be sure the design and operating plan will produce a quality duck production complex.

Up until then my experience had been with research projects that cost maybe a maximum of $50,000 at the upper end of the scale. That $3 Million and the responsibility that went with it were daunting. But we charged ahead and created a stunning project that continues producing ducks today. And it was first built in about 1980.

That just proved to me that you can do what ever you put your mind to, regardless of magnitude. It’s all a matter of confidence in yourself. It’s actually called Faith. Set big goals because they have a tendency to push all small issues and confidence stealers into the back ground. 

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Online marketer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I come from a background in science with wetland and waterfowl ecology and management as both passions and vocation. I continue to be very passionate about wildlife conservation and protecting the environments upon which we all depend. I have been around the block with network marketing and affiliate sales. While I no longer focus on those areas of business I do promote the best MLM training I've ever seen- Go90Grow. It's all based on The Success System That Never Fails. I have graduated to online retailing of physical products. I'm a graduate and Certified Guide for The Master Key Experience which is the ultimate in personal development. Get in touch if you've a mind to. I'm always open to new things and new friends.

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