Online Marketing Success Requires Action

Hidden Secret For Achievement Of Any Goal

Is Massive Action the Secret For Achievement?

Secret for achievement of any goalThere’s ONE huge secret for achievement or making money online that eludes 99% of people. And it’s not what most of the so called “Marketing Gurus” would have you believe.

Here’s what they’ll tell you and as a matter of fact, what I will advise as well, BUT ONLY after you understand and apply the fundamental secret for achievement of your goals in life, whatever they may be.

Let’s face it….

There are tons of strategies for making a lot of money online. Everyday you see another example of someone who uses strategy “X” to go from ZERO to 5 figures in nothing flat.

But for someone new to the business there’s a huge problem. What do you do? What strategy do you choose? Which of those success stories do you latch onto so you can actually start making money?

It’s like taking a shower under Niagara Falls!

You have the choice of blogging, video marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pay Per Click, Pay Per View and on and on.

What do you sell…

Affiliate products, network marketing opportunities and products, software, ebooks, marketing tools, physical products…?

Choosing a product or opportunity and then a strategy to take it to market can be frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming.

And so most people do nothing but spin their wheels, running from one promised land to the other, and getting nowhere.

Three Steps to Internet Marketing Success

So here’s what you will, or probably already have been told, is all you have to do and that these are the secret for achievement online.

  • Get traffic
  • Get people on your list
  • Make them an offer

Just three simple things: traffic, build a list, make an offer. And all these things are true. They are not necessarily simple but you can make sure it’s as uncomplicated as possible by:

  • Setting up your own self hosted website and investing in an autoresponder service.
  • Choosing one good affiliate product that your audience will find useful and worth the money they will fork out to buy it from you.
  • Build your own list before you send them to the affiliate publisher’s site. Your value as an affiliate lies in the degree to which you help the publisher build his/her list so you need to ensure that you own the list first.
  • Pick ONE of the many marketing strategies available and learn how to use it. And don’t shy away from paid ads on Facebook or Youtube. If you know what you’re doing these are the quickest ways to start getting visitors to your offer. Or you can drive traffic to your own blog.
  • Start driving traffic to your offer which is your own capture page. That builds YOUR list and keeps it simple. You only need one source of traffic to get started making money.

So, set up your website, pick a product, choose a traffic source and then write a blog post, do a video or launch a Facebook advertising campaign. Just DO IT and do it now!

Take MASSIVE action.

If you want a way to do all that there’s plenty of systems that will offer help.

You may have already tried several. I know I have.

And maybe you have already been through the “set a goal, make a plan, choose a strategy and take  massive action” drill many times.

So IF these systems work and the actions you need to take are effective (and they are by the way) why is it that they don’t work for most people?

Because MASSIVE ACTION is not the answer.

Here’s WHY what you’ve been told is incorrect or at least only partially true. It’s also the Secret to success for making money online or attaining ANY of your life’s goals.

Living Life Backwards

Let’s talk about two scenarios that seem different but are really the same.

The First Secret For Achievement Scenario

You get the idea that you want to climb to the base camp at Everest and you set a goal to do that within 6 months. All good. It’s specific and time stamped.

Then you look at the what you’ll need and the methods you’ll use to attain that goal. You’ll have to spend the next four months getting in shape. You’ll need a month off work and $15,000 for airfare, accomodations, Sherpas, equipment and all that jazz.

The Methods Available

You look at your bank account and oops…

You don’t have $15,000. You think about asking the boss for the extra time off and oops again. That’s probably out of the question.

So then you decide well, let’s just shoot for a week or two in the Rockies. Don’t need no rigorous training, don’t need extra time off and it will only cost a couple of $thousand. Yup, that’s reasonable.

Here’s the sad part of this scenario. Most people either give up on their dreams completely or at the very best tailor their dreams to fit the methods and resources they have. They let their present circumstances determine their goals. What kind of dream is that?

They are living life backwards… letting the methods available to them now decide their Intentions!

Here’s the Second Secret For Achievement Scenario.

You decide the biggest obstacle is the $15,000 you need because you’ll be able to convince the boss to give you the time off. So you hatch a plan to make the extra money with internet marketing.

You do all the stuff I talked about above, including taking massive action. You get a website up, find a good affiliate product and launch a Facebook advertising campaign. You’re doing everything you are supposed to be doing.

But after a couple of weeks, a month, maybe two, your action starts getting a little off and on. And you just don’t make progress toward that $15,000 goal.

So you switch tactics and try a Twitter campaign, or blogging because you just saw that those are all the rage right now and people are making a killing.

And you launch into another massive action routine. But that doesn’t work either.

So you say “next year” I’ll do it. And suddenly it’s five years later and you still haven’t done it. Sound familiar?

If it’s any solace to you, that’s exactly what happens to 97% of the population. But I know that doesn’t help. Just confirms it’s impossible.

The Outcome Is Decided Before You Even Start

But it’s not impossible. The problem is, if you’re like 99% of people who say they want to be successful at whatever they think they want, the outcome of all that massive action is decided before you even started down that road.

And every time you erupt in another bruising round of beating your head against a brick wall, you simply reinforce the “I can’t do it, I’m a failure” mentality which results.

What it boils down to is embodied in this passage from Haanel’s The Master Key System:

Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests


Couple that with the fact there’s a huge missing link in the whole “thought-goal-massive action-result” plan and the dismal record of achievement most people experience is easily explained.

And that’s the huge secret to success I’m talking about.

The Real Secret For Achievement of Any Goal

Watch this short video and tell me if it rings any bells with you. It certainly put Napoleon Hill’s idea that “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” into a whole new perspective for me.

If this strikes a chord with you and you want to learn more about how to Impress Your Subconscious Mind and discover the Secret For Achievement, click the button below. You’ll learn about the greatest experience in self discovery ever and discover how to participate.

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