Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike With Great Thoughts

Great Minds Think Alike

Great minds think alike is a saying we’ve all heard and probably used. No self aggrandizement is implied when I say this.

It’s just acknowledgment that sometimes we are brought up short by a comment we hear or read that pefectley echoes something we just thought or said.

Like this morning.

I am focused on having no opinions, either expressed aloud or merely privately held. Yes even thoughts I hear only in my own mind. I am particularly zeroed in on completely eliminating from my mind negative thoughts, even fleeting ones.


Because opinions on matters about which I have no expertise, and negative thoughts keep me mired in the past, unable to grow and achieve the goals I set for myself.

It may be more comfortable there but there’s no new wisdom in what I am attached to from the past. And there’s no value in negative thoughts.

Only more of the same.

I Resolve To Go On A Mental Diet

But I’m having a difficult time of it. That’s because unless I shut myself in a room with no external inputs I’m inundated by news of international trade deals, the US presidential election, political maneuvering here at home, and on and on.

All of which evokes negative thoughts and opinions. I’ve already allowed myself to be sucked into a detailed comment about the Trans Pacific Partnership.

So I resolve to shut it all out and take my mind from it completely. I’m going on a mental diet and will shut out this stuff completely.

And then I read this in the first email I open today. It’s from Andrew Barber-Starkey, a business coach I have followed for years:

“From the moment you read this tip, do not watch any TV news, listen to any radio, or read any newspapers/blogs/Facebook posts or other media related to Tuesday’s US election. Furthermore, don’t engage in discussions about the topic or waste your time thinking about it. If you find yourself getting pulled in during conversation, politely change the topic or terminate the conversation.”

Great Minds Think Alike I Say

Yeah… deja vue and great minds do think alike.

Focusing on this US election and other similar issues is a waste of time. I can do nothing about it nor will I be able to do anything about the aftermath.

It will also cost me money because it distracts me from activities that move my business forward.

It may damage friendships as emotions flare and disagreements escalate.

Most importantly it can promote worry and anxiety about the future, inviting more of the same into my life.

I am, and you are too, the sum total of all the thoughts we’ve entertained in the past. And we will be in the future, what we think about today.

So I’m taking Andrew’s advice and extending that beyond the issue of the US election and the immediate future.

I focus on my purpose and the actions I need to undertake to move me forward.

Have you defined your purpose?

If not none of this matters, because you’re not headed anywhere in particular….. So any road will take you there.

Don’t waste your thoughts and energy on things that do not serve your purpose.

Great Minds Think Alike



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