Spring Setback

Got Business Spring Fever?

Hey my friend, just a quick note today.

It’s really quite AMAZING…
We go through the long drawn out winter,
nose to the grindstone and when it looks
like SPRING has finally sprung…

We start getting impatient for things to
change real quick. And then the snow starts
all over again and we’re right back where we
started in December….

Or so it seems.

At least where I live.

Ever felt like that in the way your business
progresses? You do everything right, set your
goals, outline your daily action plan and give
it a super consistent effort for 3 or four months.

And you start seeing PROGRESS!
You’re making headway and things look good.
You now know you’re on track and you are
getting impatient for the big breakthrough.

Spring Setback

Just like you start seeing spring at the end of
the winter….. and then something goes wrong!

Something major changes in your company
even something as bad as they decide to fold or
at least change the business model so it’s not
a viable option for you anymore…..

What happens next is pretty much up to you.
But remember… no matter how many fits
and starts accompany the coming of spring…

It always arrives. The same has to be true of
the ups and downs in your business.

Success is defined as making progress toward a
worthy goal. No matter how many obstacles you
come up against, once having made progress ….

You can be CONFIDENT of ultimate success.

Just as sure as spring follows winter ……

Success in business is usually preceded by
trials, tribulations and setbacks.

With one BIG difference…..

You have no choice about Spring coming…

But you make the choices in how you handle setbacks!

Set your sight on the big goal on the horizon
then focus on the small, everyday steps it takes
to get there.

Persistence and dedication to doing what it takes
with a confident, positive attitude will overcome the

Harness your impatience and turn it into a force
that will drive you forward rather than frustrate.

Get in touch if there’s anything I can help you with.

Terrence Neraasen
Online Marketing Professional

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