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What’s the most important ingredient in the recipe for MLM success. It’s having a ready supply of people to expose to your business; names of people to talk to. That’s why my ears perked up when I heard about some free mlm name gathering training.

My friend Mark Januszewski is giving a free mlm name gathering training webinar tomorrow. Mark is known as the Worldslaziestnetworker, a moniker which is patently ridiculous. That’s because he’s a multiple seven figure earner in the industry, now retired and living his dream beachfront in Hawaii.

Mark and his wife, The Fabulous Davene as he calls her, have a passion for teaching people how to actually grow a successful MLM business. Skip all the “it’s a numbers game” and “take massive action” BS and settle in for some real mlm name gathering (mlm leads) and business building training. Go ahead and register for the webinar by clicking the button below: Nothing for sale. But like I said, it’s tomorrow so Do It Now!


The MLM Name Gathering Webinar Intro

In case you’ve never seen Mark in action and don’t know what his straight to the point training can do, here’s a short video from his website talking about this webinar.


As you’ll see the key to building a successful mlm business starts with having people to talk to. But unless you have the second ingredient in the recipe, namely SKILLS you’re still dead in the water. Mark will give you an intro to that as well. It won’t the the old get three who get three who get three stuff you’re maybe familiar with.

And it sure won’t be run down family and friends or anyone within 3 feet of you at the mall. And it sure won’t be just plastering your link all over Facebook and Twitter, although Social Media can be a great tool. Nope, Mark J is different. A GOOD kinda different.


MLM Name Gathering


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