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Earn Money From Home and Billy and Me Go To Church

Earn Money From Home

Stanton Mission 1967 (Copyright TGN Wellness Homes Group Inc)

How the heck would Billie and me even find a church when we’re at least 150 miles from the nearest settlement of Tuktoyaktuk? Particularly since the only practical way of getting there is by float plane? And that’s not something we had access to. I introduced you to Billy and the bearded seal earlier and the goin to church story is down the page. In the interim let’s talk some more about about how to earn money from home.

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My phone conversation was real short after I answered the question “Is this something that I have to put money into?” When I said “yes there is an investment required“, the conversation ended with “Oh, then I’m not interested“.

Now I can’t say that was a surprise or that the person I spoke to was an idiot. However, the scammers that spread the “Get Rich Quick” philosophy online have a ready audience of naive peeps who long for an easy out from the every day grind. They easily fall for the make money fast online pitches.

How About A MLM Business

Network marketing opportunities really are the poor man’s franchise because they have the outside potential to let one earn money from home in a big way. And without the $Million investment of a Golden Arches operation. But the big money everyone waves in your face only happens for a very few.

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I will talk with you soon. In the meantime read about Billy and me getting forced to go to Church below….

Until then may the Power be yours,

Earn Money From Home



P.S. More on my adventures at Anderson River with Billy the Axeman.

One of the awesome features of spending the summer months north of the Arctic Circle is that it never gets really dark. So we could hop in the big Freighter Canoe and head 60 or 70 miles up the river and never worry about getting caught in the dark.

Made for some superb excursions up river or along the coast to the east to explore places like Horton River where there were nesting Peregrine and Gyrfalcon on the cliffs along the river banks.

The DEW Line Was Still In Operation

Earn Money Online

Nicholson DEW Line Site 1967 (Copyright TGN Wellness Homes Group Inc.)

On one occasion when we ran out of tobacco we headed across the bay (about 20 miles across) to the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning) site on Nicholson Peninsula.

We beached the canoe and headed up to the Station which was a couple of miles away on the highest point on the peninsula. The whole area was dotted with nesting snowy owls that watched us with those big yellow eyes all the while as we passed through the colony. There must have been several hundred nests in the area we walked through.

The site was still manned in those days (the 1967 Arab-Israeli War was in full swing) so when Billy and I arrived the boys made us welcome. They invited us to have dinner and watch the movie they were showing. And they did have the tobacco we came for. They were all Americans and seemed pretty intrigued by the pair of us and what we were doing over there at the Research station.

We Get Forced To Attend Church

On another occasion as we came back from Horton River in a raging storm we were getting pounded by huge waves in shallow water, close to being swamped. We pulled onto the shore at an old Catholic Mission on the outer edge of the Anderson River Delta about 10 miles from our camp. According to our maps it was Stanton Mission.

We were soaked and cold so the old church was a welcome refuge. We headed inside to wait out the storm. To our tremendous surprise, when we opened the door and tumbled inside, the place was full of men! Americans, Frenchmen and even a few Cockneys.

They were just as surprised to see us as we were them. And they were just as intrigued with what we were doing as were the guys over on the DEW Line site.

Arctic Oil and Gas Exploration Was In Full Swing

Turns out they had come in on a helicopter and were headed for an oil and gas exploration camp somewhere in the vicinity. I wondered how they were gonna survive because half of them were wearing dress shoes and sports coats. Like they’d just come off the streets of London, or New York or Paris. And there was at least one short, pugnacious, loud mouth Cockney I thought was certain to come to a disastrous end. It was likely a pretty rough and tumble environment.

We saw a few of them later in the summer. All seemed to have toughened up and adjusted to life in the field. They probably had more luxurious accommodations than ours, but I wouldn’t have traded ours for theirs. And the little Cockney was much subdued from our first encounter.

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