Just Know What You Want

Desire is knowing what you want and feeling it in the depths of your Solar Plexus.

If you know what you want, you are more apt to recognize it when you see it

Samuel B Fuller

Samuel B Fuller was an American entrepreneur who came from humble beginnings. His mother taught him they were not poor because God wanted them to be so; rather they were poor because nobody had a desire to be anything other than poor. Samuel went on to prove her right, becoming a very wealthy business man.

My DesireDo you recall what always happens when you’ve finally decided on the make, model and colour of the new bike or car you really want? What inevitably happens is you start seeing that exact bike or car everywhere you look.

Did they just magically appear? Not likely. It’s just that your thoughts have begun to habitually dwell on what you want and your mind has developed a search image of that object. You suddenly become aware of it’s existence. It’s the focus of your attention.

Let’s take that one step further. If you know what you want you’ll also be more likely to see opportunities that will help you get the object of your desire. That is if you have a positive mindset. If you have a positive mental attitude; a “I can do this” attitude, you’ll see ways and means to get what you want.

Know Your Desire And A Plan Appears

In other words you’ll see a plan of action unfold before you eyes and if you act on that plan and maintain a positive attitude in the process, people, methods and resources needed to achieve your desire will come to you.

This is nothing more or less than the cultivation of the four powerful habits of which the habit of persistence is comprised. No unfortunate circumstance or apparent handicap can stand in the way of one who has a burning desire to succeed and absolute faith in his or her ability to overcome.

Desire And PMA Beat Adversity

This brings to mind a line from Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude (Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone) which reads “every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit“. They tell the story of Tom Dempsey, a boy born with only half a right foot and a stub of a right arm.

Tom dreamed of playing football. In fact he had a burning desire to do so. His parents supported him in his dream and built a wooden foot encased in a special football boot for him. That young man practiced and practiced and practiced kicking the football with that wooden foot. We call that a prosthesis these days. The result was that young Tom became proficient at booting field goals at ever increasing distances.

He turned what appeared to be a handicap into a true benefit. He was so successful that he became the place kicker for the New Orleans Saints professional football club. His dream culminated in a game winning 63 yard field goal against the Detroit Lions; the longest such field goal ever at that time. The 66,000+ fans in attendance will never forget that feat! Who knows, that record may still stand today.

Adversity Is In The Eye of the Beholder

The key to Tom Dempsey’s success and that of many other people with what seem to be major handicaps, is the fact they do not recognize they are supposed to be handicapped.

Their mindset is so positive that they are constantly looking for the benefits that accrue; never dwelling on what they may not be able to do. And they recognize advantages when they see them. Even more importantly, they take action with a never quit attitude.

Such is the power of a positive mental attitude coupled with a definite major purpose backed by a burning desire for its attainment.

May The Power Be Yours,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen

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