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You are a Media Company in a Brand Culture – Don’t be a Constipated Bear!

Read to the end to find out “What’s the Difference that makes All The Difference” and why it could mean 400% more profit to YOU than the Average Constipated Bear! What follows are some content marketing tips that could make all the difference.

People don’t really care where they get the information they seek…

As long as it is coming from a familiar and trusted source that knows what it is talking about. People follow recognizable, trusted brands, or sources of information that provide good information in an authoritative way.

As a business owner… and you are one even if you run a home based business, you had better listen up.

Content Marketing Is King

Content marketing tipsThis is one of the content marketing tips you need to pay special attention to.

Long gone are the days you could advertise in traditional media, reach your customers and sell your product.  For one thing it’s way too expensive. For another, your audience isn’t there any more. The Internet and Social Media have changed everything!

People are now using the Internet to find what they are looking for, whether it’s information about the latest in electronic gadgets or information about how they can solve a problem…

Like how to lose weight, get rid of unsightly acne, learn how to generate leads for their business and on and on! They are relying more and more on referrals, and brand followers are close to 50% more likely to recommend something to their friends than non-followers. Social media power!

Traditional marketing has seen its day. Media giants are falling left and right because the big corporate advertisers are spending more and more of their Billions in advertising dollars on their own media outlets… their websites, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Brand Recognition

Why? Because they know that’s where their customers hang out. The big boys are really focused on their Brand and getting Brand recognition and a Brand following.  But because of the Internet and Social Media their methods have and are continuing to change. Content marketing using their media center and providing value is now the approach.

They’ve always done focused on brand recognition of course. Everyone recognizes the logos and slogans of Coca Cola, McDonalds, Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Ford and thousands of other brands.  That’s because they have spent Billions on advertising and branding their company and their products.

But those companies are now churning out their own content through their own media outlets rather than using the traditional print and television outlets. In fact many of those media outlets are now beginning to work FOR those major brands, rather than selling them advertising space.

Content Marketing Tips & Attraction Marketing

They have suddenly recognized the fundamental value of attraction marketing and the fact it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. If you are not providing value at every stage in your content marketing plan, you are not going to survive. The big boys realize that if you are not putting out valuable content for consumption by the masses they will lose the battle for the hearts and minds of consumers.

Increasingly they have started to use sponsored content and a content marketing strategy to gain and maintain the brand recognition and trust they need to survive. Often that content is not even related to their product.

Superb examples of the unrelated content marketing push are numerous Country and Western songs that are sponsored by big corporations with no mention of their products. They are just putting content out there that people like or find useful and hope by association to garner recognition and a favourable response. It just may influence future buying decisions in their favour.

So what about you… do you realize you are a media company in a brand culture? Even if your are a small fish in a big pond? You really do need to take these content marketing tips to heart and apply them.

If you don’t understand that YOU are way more than your product or opportunity… and that you MUST BRAND YOURSELF and not your product… you are missing the boat.

Brand YOU

You must become known for something… as the GO TO person for valuable information on SEO, video marketing, attraction marketing, fitness, healthy eating.. whatever and where ever your passion and expertise lies.  You must also recognize the importance of serving the wants and best interests of your people, regardless of whether or not it furthers your end goal of having them buy from you…

That’s likely one of the most powerful content marketing tips you will ever receive!

Like the clerk at one store my wife just told me about, who told her to go to Costco for the absolute best deal on a product her store carries.  If that’s the kind of mindset you bring to your business, the people you send elsewhere to get what they want will be more likely to give what you have to offer a second look…. or come back to see what else you might have.

Your brand and reputation as a trusted purveyor of value will be enhanced. You are a Media Company and need to be a trusted brand in a Brand Culture.

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Content Marketing Tips


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