Commencement Is Upon Us

This is not the end. It is the commencement of a new phase in the journey of life. As we wind down this session of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA), all who remain standing should realize what a marvelous thing they’ve accomplished. So look back at where you were six months ago. Reflect upon what brought you here and how you got to this place. Was it a mere coincidence, a fortuitous accident?

Perhaps the discovery that MKMMA existed was a fortuitous happenstance. But was the fact you enrolled and then undertook what turned out to be your own personal Hero’s Journey a coincidence? I think not. Something drew you here and caused you to stay. So consider what you have achieved.

The first thing you did was make an important decision. That decision was to clearly define what you want out of life; your purpose for taking up space on this beautiful globe we call Earth. For most that process was painful. It’s not easy to write down your deepest desires in language that is so precise that your subconscious mind can see it as though gazing into a crystal clear mirror. To do that in 400 words or less is a herculean task. But you did it.

You then developed a plan to achieve what you wrote and worked very hard at impressing your subconscious mind with the passion and emotion essential to drawing toward you, the resources, people and circumstances needed to achieve the goals established. Constant practice has deepened your belief in your ability to achieve. As you go forward into commencement of a new phase,you begin to understand that thinking big is the only way to succeed in manifesting your purpose.

Vision Then Action

You put the plan into action. Consistent action is the key to progress. Small steps will do. No prodigious leaps are required, nor are they generally the rule. One step at a time is not too difficult.

Take great pride in the fact you put on the blinders and focused on what you want with a positive belief in your ability, excluding all negative influences and thoughts. The only thing in life you have complete control of is the quality and nature of your thoughts. But control of your thoughts is everything. You have come to understand that what you think about, is what appears in your world. Control your mind and you control all other things in your life. The Master Key Experience has helped you find that control.

In this process you stepped into the unknown but sought and found a master mind that provided support and encouragement for both plan and purpose. Even the most reclusive of you participated in the big Master Mind that is the Master Key Experience membership group. Smaller, more personalized and intimate Master Mind Alliances grew out of that.

Also in the process you sought and recognized the good in others, and thus found it in yourself. You extended this to looking for and applauding all positive aspects of the personalities and behaviours of people around you, while refraining from criticism and judgement. Love for all whom you meet now shines in your eyes, brings a smile to your lips and a song in your heart.

In The Silence You Find The Universal

You sought the silence and are beginning to realize that you possess a power to create that comes from within. What you think is what you are, and you have learned to make the “Guardian at the Gate” permit only right and harmonious thoughts to enter your subconscious mind.

You may have realized one day that things have changed in your life. Elements of that Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement have been achieved or have become much clearer in your mind.

But you may also feel a bit discouraged that progress is not more rapid; some of your goals are still far away. There’s some pressure from within to get up and go. And then you think about the number of years you’ve had to shape you life prior to MKMMA. The six months you’ve spent training your mind with right thinking pales in comparison, regardless of whether you’re 25 or 90.

Any Hero’s Journey is just that. It’s a trip that actually never ends. That’s good because the destination is never the object, it’s the journey itself. Besides, when one achievement is chalked up on the wall, another appears. Life is growth. Stop growing and you die.

Congratulations on the decision you made 6 months ago to step away from whatever held you back and kept you from growing toward your immense potential. The fact you are still here and reading these words is a huge victory. Most people never pause long enough to figure out what they really want, let alone undergo the disciplined and persistent mind training you have gone through.

A New Beginning

You are not at the end point in your journey though. We call this stage commencement because you now embark on a new phase of your journey. The cost of continued growth is consistent and persistent diligence. You must not let the progress you’ve made lull you into complacency. It’s so easy to slip back into old habits. It takes no effort whatsoever. Continue to remind yourself of, and practice these four little habits which propel you to greatness:

Four Tiny Habits

1. Envision a definite major purpose for your life backed by a burning and earnest desire for its achievement.
2. Establish a definite plan to carry you forward expressed in continuous action.
3. Train your mind to be closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.
4. Establish and cultivate a friendly Master Mind Alliance with one or more persons who will encourage you to follow through on both plan and purpose.

If you continue to do these things

The Power Will Be Yours


T.G. (Terry) Neraasen

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