The Coffee House Letter Revisited

What’s Crushing Your Business and Billy the Axe Man

Coffee House LetterHave you had a chance to read the truth about MLM. It’s all in a special report called The Coffee House Letter. I read a version of it years ago. Know what; nothing’s changed.

The plain and simple truth in this report may shock you. But it may also prevent you from becoming just another statistic. And you definitely don’t’ want to be a statistic!

As you can imagine, this shocking report stirred up the entire MLM industry then, and continues to do so now! To say it’s ruffled some feathers is an understatement. But that’s fine because it’s having what I think is a really good effect.

The Coffee House Letter Shakes The Fortress

Namely, it’s really opened up a new trend in Home Business. It was in fact written specifically for those folks who were sick of all the hype and garbage out there. And for those who really wanted to hear “the Truth” for a change.

You will never hear this from your MLM company, the “leaders” or the glossy industry mags. And you definitely won’t hear it from YOUR sponsor!

Some of it because they don’t want YOU TO KNOW about it. Some of it because THEY Do NOT Know any better! So get the Simple Truths nobody has told you about.

DISCOVER the ONE thing you can do right now to virtually build a ” Financial Fortress” around yourself and your business.

This report could be the most valuable information you receive for years to come. That Special Report will lead you to a solution. It’s value will be proportionate of course, to what YOU Do with it.

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So if you missed it – here it is again; click the button to get access. The Coffee House Letter

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Look for a short video next time introducing me and giving you a chance to tell me about you.

The Coffee House Letter



P.S. My first summer field season in the Arctic I had an assistant named Billy. Billy was an Inuit trapper (back then we called Inuit Eskimos) who worked part time for the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS). There had to have been some Scandinavian in there somewhere cuz he had a ‘Scandihoovian’ name.

Word was he was shipped off to work with the CWS during the summer to keep him out of the bars in Inuvik and therefore out of trouble. I think they meant out of jail because the other scuttlebutt was he was arrested for going after someone with an axe in the “ZOO”, which is what the local Inuvik bar was called.

But no problemo! I couldn’t have had a better assistant, despite the scary reputation. He was a superb guide and knew where every plant and animal I wanted to see could be located. All I had to do was describe to him what it looked like and the kind of habitat it usually frequented. He’d invariably take me to it.

We Arrive With Winter Holding Fast

We flew into our camp in mid-May with a Beaver on skis and had to bring in all our gear and food for our approximate three month stay. Fortunately the CWS had ferried in gas and diesel fuel earlier, but we were limited in the amount of fresh meat we could bring in.

Having Billy in camp was both a blessing and a curse in that regard. I’ll tell you more about why that was later.

P.P.S. Questions? Give me a quick call after you’ve read the complete report:

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