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Symbols Versus Reality

Symbols Versus Reality MKMMA Week 17-3

Do Not Mistake Symbols For Reality Listen to Haanel in my recording of The Master Key System – Part Seventeen. We all take for granted Homo sapiens (Man as Haanel says) has “dominion over all things”.  This idea is stated as fact in the Bible and echoed by many philosophers and wise men throughout the […]

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Written Word

Power Of The Written Word

The Written Word Has An Invincible Power To Create We all know words we speak can be interpreted in different ways depending on exactly how we say the words. The written word can sometimes express something different than the actual words themselves. Our tone of voice and volume can modify how the words are interpreted […]

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Intention Is It What I Am Meant To Be Week 10-2

My Intention Is What I Am Intended To Be What a difference a year makes. In this go through of Master Key Part Ten I am focused on my Intention and what I am intended to be. Last year I had to be focused on persistent problem solving. This time last year I was severely tested […]

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Leverage The Subconscious Mind Week 4-2

Leverage The Subconscious Mind – Forming New Habits This week is all about understanding the science behind our ability to leverage the subconscious mind to our benefit. The flip side of that is unless we connect with the Sun Centre within and influence it to positive ends, it will move us inexorably along the path […]

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