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Nobody Succeeds Without A Master Mind

The Power of a Mastermind Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich and many other personal development books was strong on the Master Mind. Two or more people working in complete harmony to accomplish a specific goal constitute a Master Mind. Each brings a unique set of skills and attributes to the table. Their […]

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Commencement The Start Of A New Journey MKMMA Week 24-3

Commencement Is Upon Us This is not the end. It is the commencement of a new phase in the journey of life. As we wind down this session of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA), all who remain standing should realize what a marvelous thing they’ve accomplished. So look back at where you were […]

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Mental Diet

The 7 Day Mental Diet Be The Observer MKMMA Week 7-3

The Seven Day Mental Diet Week 7 of the Master Key Experience brings everyone to the realization that awareness of the thoughts that enter our minds unbidden is a starting point to mastery. Reading this short essay and putting into practice the exercise in The 7 Day Mental Diet is a tremendous challenge. It’s true […]

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Your Future Not Chance

Your Future Should Not Be Left To Chance

Your Future – Are You In Control? Have you given any thought to what you really want more of in your life? Most people focus their thoughts on the things they don’t want. And thereby end up getting more of the same. What about your future? What are you thinking about? The average person worries […]

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Your Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts You Own Are Valuable Only If Shared

Discover Your Unique Gifts It’s a fact. You are unique. Right down to the smallest detail of your physical, mental and spiritual makeup. Nobody has the same fingerprint, exact same facial print, or same eye print. Nobody thinks exactly like you. And no one has feelings exactly like yours. Your genetic makeup is unique. As […]

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Your Hero’s Journey Is A Guided Tour MKMMA Week 24-2

Let Me Be Your Hero’s Journey Guide We’ve come to the end of another Master Key Experience Session. But it’s also a new beginning. I was reminded today that every story, movie, fable and fairy tale follows an age old pattern. Every story has a hero who faces some great challenge. Every hero has a […]

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Inner Faith

Inner Faith Is Another Name For Persistence | MKMMA Week 23-2

You Must Have InnerĀ Faith In Your Ability To Achieve I was listening to Earl Nightingale’s recording of “The Strangest Secret“, one of my all time favourite inspirational pieces yesterday as I drove out to set things up for my Mom’s 99th birthday tea. This time through it his comment “faith is just another word for […]

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Dream Big

Dream Big Dreams And Succeed

Think Big And Dream Big Dreams Why not take your best shot! Dream big dreams, think big thoughts and realize you can do more than you ever thought possible. Look around you at people you know or at least are familiar with. You will see a few people who seem to have everything they ever […]

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What Is Truth Week 9-2

Truth Is What You Make Of Life The question “what is truth” always comes to mind when I read this lesson. A year ago as I studied The Master Key Part Nine I concluded that “Truth” is what we create. The more I study this the more obvious it is to me that I have […]

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Imagination Power

Imagination and Distraction or Opportunity

Congruent Imagination Power Last night as I read Haanel’s The Master Key Part Eight I was struck by its congruence with Mark J’s The Fifth Verity (Standing Tall Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly). I just happen to be reading both this week. Haanel talks at length about imagination power as a form of […]

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