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Selling Not Only About Dollars

Selling Not Just About Dollars

“The better portion of all sales I have made were after people said ‘no’.” (Napoleon Hill). That’s probably true of all sales made by anyone regardless of age, gender or way of life. Have you considered the fact everyone is selling something to someone all the time? It’s true.

Who did you think of when you read that line? Like most people I thought of sales people; those who sell products or services for a living. I’m guessing you did too. But really the concept applies to anyone.

We are constantly in the business or at least the process, of selling something. It could be we want to sell the idea we must have that new car, or new appliance to our spouse. We may sell the idea it’s in our son’s or daughter’s very best interest that they get their homework done correctly and on time. How well we sell those ideas depends on how persuasive and convincing we are in describing the benefits of doing what we are trying to get them to accept.

But what are we REALLY selling?

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An Easy Way To Make Money

Is Network Marketing An Easy Way To Make Money

Looking For An Easy Way To Make Money Yeah everybody hopes they will be able to easily make a bunch of money with a home business. Well that’s partly because a lot of people in the recruiting game have told them network marketing is an easy way to make money. You know the story I’m sure. […]

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Prime Recruiting Season

Prime Recruiting Season And The Easy Livin Summertime

SummerTime and the Livin is Easy Hey I hope you’re familiar with that lovely tune. If not here’s a rendition by Willie Nelson. I couldn’t help but recall that summertime song when I thought about the summer period now upon us and the upcoming prime recruiting season. Here’s why. As we roll into the middle […]

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Work At Network Marketing

Work At Network Marketing And Succeed

Remember You Must Work At Network Marketing So Eric Worre ( asks a really thought provoking question in the video I’ve embedded below. It definitely gets right to the point about the fact there’s work to be done if you are in network marketing. You have to work at network marketing just as hard as […]

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Instant Riches Online Is A Fairy Tale

Instant Riches Online Is A Fairy Tale

Instant Riches Online And Easy Money With MLM Have I told you I hate the bullshit claims of the instant riches online and easy money with mlm you see plastered all over the Web?  Yeah I’ve about had my fill of the crap online and from the marketers I keep track of. Here’s an example […]

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MLM Recruiting Skills Essential For Network Marketing Success

Click “Get The Videos Button” Above MLM Recruiting Skills Will Change Your Bottom Line Here’s a special message for every network marketer who needs to enroll more people but has run out of people to talk to. The truth is you need some mlm recruiting skills. If you want to succeed with network marketing, then […]

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MLM Name gathering

Free MLM Name Gathering Training

Get Names Of People To Expose to Your Business What’s the most important ingredient in the recipe for MLM success. It’s having a ready supply of people to expose to your business; names of people to talk to. That’s why my ears perked up when I heard about some free mlm name gathering training. My […]

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mlm objections twfb

MLM Objections Are Not What They Seem

Why Dealing With Apparent MLM Objections Is Nonsense How many times have you had to deal with mlm objections from prospects who said they were absolutely fired up about firing the boss and launching their own company? If you’ve been around for a while the answer will be “lots”. But when you get right down to signing […]

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Best Home Business Office

Your Best Home Business

Why Won’t People Join The Best Business Opportunity Ever?I received a plaintive cry from one of my mlm leads the other day…….” I can’t get people to join my business!How can I make mon.ey when I can’t get people to join?”It’s an all too often heard complaint from aspiring home business owners! Read on to see what […]

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Traditional Network Marketing

Traditional Network Marketing Is Dead

The following is a message for every network marketer who really needs to recruit people who also want to make money but can’t find enough people who are willing and able to do the work. Traditional network marketing is now dead …. And the Internet killed it! The cost of recruiting new distributors is going through the roof. Advertising is expensive and risky for the uninformed, so you have to have a lot of money to build a business. And you need to change tactics!

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