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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions Futile MKMMA Week 14-3

An Alternative To New Years Resolutions A new year is upon us. For those who take the Master Key Experience (MKE) seriously and have been faithful to the reading, exercises and special assignmnets, the idea that it’s time for New Years Resolutions is antiquated. We know these traditional promises to lose weight, get better grades, […]

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Life’s Blueprint – What Is Yours? MKMMA Week 10-3

Your Life’s Blueprint | Dr. Martin Luther King In this speech to to students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia on October 26, 1967, Dr. King speaks about something very familiar to all Master Key Experience Members; your Life’s Blueprint.  And what he says will ring bells with all who read Haanel, Og Mandino, Napoleon […]

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Mental Diet

The 7 Day Mental Diet Be The Observer MKMMA Week 7-3

The Seven Day Mental Diet Week 7 of the Master Key Experience brings everyone to the realization that awareness of the thoughts that enter our minds unbidden is a starting point to mastery. Reading this short essay and putting into practice the exercise in The 7 Day Mental Diet is a tremendous challenge. It’s true […]

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Master Key Week 4-3

Week In Review From Fellow Travellers MKMMA Week 4-3

Reflections On Master Key Experience Week 4 From Some Fellow Adventurers I have the company of hundreds of fellow travellers and adventurers on this Master Key Experience Journey. I’ve been down this road twice before. I wrote about my Week 4 experiences with the Class of 2015 and then with the Class of 2016.  The […]

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Master Key Experience Week 1-3

Master Key Experience Week 1-3 The Journey Begins

The excitement is palpable as a new cohort of adventurers launch themselves into the unknown. Master Key Experience Week 1 begins anew for them. For me it’s the third time around. It began in September 2015 and continued through September 2016 when a new session began. I’ve now come full circle again. I now have […]

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Your Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts You Own Are Valuable Only If Shared

Discover Your Unique Gifts It’s a fact. You are unique. Right down to the smallest detail of your physical, mental and spiritual makeup. Nobody has the same fingerprint, exact same facial print, or same eye print. Nobody thinks exactly like you. And no one has feelings exactly like yours. Your genetic makeup is unique. As […]

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Selling Not Only About Dollars

Selling Not Just About Dollars

“The better portion of all sales I have made were after people said ‘no’.” (Napoleon Hill). That’s probably true of all sales made by anyone regardless of age, gender or way of life. Have you considered the fact everyone is selling something to someone all the time? It’s true.

Who did you think of when you read that line? Like most people I thought of sales people; those who sell products or services for a living. I’m guessing you did too. But really the concept applies to anyone.

We are constantly in the business or at least the process, of selling something. It could be we want to sell the idea we must have that new car, or new appliance to our spouse. We may sell the idea it’s in our son’s or daughter’s very best interest that they get their homework done correctly and on time. How well we sell those ideas depends on how persuasive and convincing we are in describing the benefits of doing what we are trying to get them to accept.

But what are we REALLY selling?

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Confidence Is Faith In Yourself

Success Is Ninety Per Cent ConfidenceWhat can you do if you’ve somehow lost your confidence? You have big dreams and goals but no longer have faith in yourself and your abilities to achieve. You know there’s a wealth of science behind the idea that you are completely in charge of your own success, but somehow you’ve […]

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Attitude Is Reflected In Everything You Do Or Say

Attitude Comes Through In Many Ways One of my favourite bloggers is Seth Godin. I just read his recent post about a sign on every entrance to La Guardia Airport in New York. The sign has much to say about the attitude of its creator, and perhaps about that of those who manage the airport […]

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Success Principles MKMMA Week 14-2

Success Principles and Persistence As I review Week 14 for the second time and the observations I made a year ago, I can’t help but think persistence is one of the most important success principles.  As a result I reproduce below a portion of one of my posts last year. I cannot do a better […]

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