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Thought Originates All

Thought Backed By Burning Desire Originates All – MKMMA Week 19-3

Her Thought Has Taken Her Far Everything has its origin in a thought. It that is backed by a burning desire to achieve the object of that thought, great things happen. Take Jamie Macdonald for instance. The image below tells the story. She imagines going to The Olympics. She’s perhaps 6 years of age and […]

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The Dreamer

The Day Of The Dreamer MKMMA Week 13-3

The Day of The Dreamer Has Come My MKMMA Tribe and I regularly get together on Zoom to mastermind. A recent session was particularly revealing. Everyone has been focused on their deepest desires over the past three months. Most have found and expressed their dreams in a Definite Major Purpose. And so it’s fitting that […]

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Life’s Blueprint – What Is Yours? MKMMA Week 10-3

Your Life’s Blueprint | Dr. Martin Luther King In this speech to to students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia on October 26, 1967, Dr. King speaks about something very familiar to all Master Key Experience Members; your Life’s Blueprint.  And what he says will ring bells with all who read Haanel, Og Mandino, Napoleon […]

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Inductive Reasoning Mind

Mind Over Matter MKMMA Week 19-2

Mind And Matter Are Phases Of A Single Entity I’m reflecting on the idea that Mind is the single principle in the spiritual world. The Universal Mind is the Thinking Stuff from which all things are created as defined by Wallace Wattles (The Science of Getting Rich). Matter is the dynamic state of mind; the expression of […]

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Thought Power

Thought Power Week 12-2

Exploring Thought Power Funny how things seem to come together in unexpected ways. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve read and experienced with thought power, from several sources and over time. I’m reading The Master Key Part Twelve once again this week. I am as usual impressed with the idea expressed in Sentence 28.  It […]

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Manifesting Intention Through Concentration Week 6-2

Manifesting Intention – Create Any Condition You Desire When our purpose is in harmony with the highest moral ideal of “the greatest good to the greatest number” we connect with the Universal. As a result the methods and resources required for the achievement of anything we desire will be made available. We tap the unlimited […]

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Definite Major Purpose

Week 3-2 Definite Major Purpose And Limbic System

Bombard The Limbic System With Your Definite Major Purpose In the third week we step up the work on our Definite Major Purpose. And as we read The Greatest Salesman In The World three times per day we now invoke the power of the Watchman at the Gate. We consciously remove the word “will” as […]

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Personal Pivotal Needs Manifestation

Week 2-2 Personal Pivotal Needs and Subconscious Is A Savant

Personal Pivotal Needs  And Subconscious As A Mighty Idiot So as we get deeper into building a new blueprint and discovering the powerful masterpiece that is within, we consider our Personal Pivotal Needs. And we begin to understand some things about the subconscious mind. For one thing, the subconscious is a savant. But a savant […]

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Law of Practice

Laws Of The Mind Law of Practice

The Power of Law of Practice Yeah, the Law of Practice is one of the 7 most important Natural Laws of the Mind. We’ve all heard and used the mantra “Practice Makes Perfect” and we all know it’s absolutely true. Practice anything continuously, repetitively and it becomes both perfect and a habit. And it doesn’t […]

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