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Record Your Voice And Add Background Music With Audacity

Recording With Audacity This is a simple, unedited tutorial about using Audacity ( It’s a fairly straight forward process: Download and Install Audacity Open the software, select your speakers and microphone and check their volumes Record your DMP, Press Release or other file Import a .mp3 music file for the background music Adjust the length […]

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Think Correctly

Think Correctly And Know The Truth MKMMA Week 9-3

Connecting To The Source This week of the Master Key Experience is pivotal. It’s the stage at which we begin to fashion the tools needed to manifest our reality. The habits needed to persistently take the action required to build or reinforce the character and faith needed to achieve a Definite Major Purpose have been […]

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Blogging Tips MKMMA Week 8-3

One of the most instructive things about the Master Key Experience for most Members is the journal they keep in the form of a blog. This can be a bit of a challenge for anyone who has not put up a WordPress Blog. Struggling with the technology stuff is frustrating and distracting sometimes. Here are […]

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Mental Diet

The 7 Day Mental Diet Be The Observer MKMMA Week 7-3

The Seven Day Mental Diet Week 7 of the Master Key Experience brings everyone to the realization that awareness of the thoughts that enter our minds unbidden is a starting point to mastery. Reading this short essay and putting into practice the exercise in The 7 Day Mental Diet is a tremendous challenge. It’s true […]

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Fellw Travelers

Week In Review From Fellow Travelers | MKMMA Week 6-3

Reflections On MKMMA Week 6 from Fellow MKE Travelers As part of my duties as a Guide I provide assistance where needed to members of my Tribe in particular. One of the ways I do that is to review and comment on their weekly blog post. Each has a wordpress blog and they make posts […]

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A Fine Estate

A Fine Estate Is Yours For The Taking | MKMMA Week 5-3

Claim This Estate and Make It Yours I’ve heard it said by many philosophers including Bob Proctor, when you read a book for the second time, you don’t just see things you missed the first time, you see things that weren’t there before. That’s because your perceptions, your way of seeing things changed between first […]

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Master Key Week 4-3

Week In Review From Fellow Travellers MKMMA Week 4-3

Reflections On Master Key Experience Week 4 From Some Fellow Adventurers I have the company of hundreds of fellow travellers and adventurers on this Master Key Experience Journey. I’ve been down this road twice before. I wrote about my Week 4 experiences with the Class of 2015 and then with the Class of 2016.  The […]

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Written Goal

Written Goal Has Power And A Life Of Its Own| MKMMA Week 3-3

The Magic Of A Written Goal It’s a fact that “Subby” can’t tell a huge important task from a trivial chore. Nor can the subconscious distinguish a real, in the present moment event, from one merely imagined. If I believe something to be true or real, my subconscious has no choice but to accept. I’ve […]

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PPN Subconscious

Personal Pivotal Needs And The Mighty Subconscious MKMMA Week 2-3

New Perspectives On The Subconscious And Oxygen For Your Soul This being the third time around for me with the Master Key Experience, I checked back to see what caught my attention the first two times. The first session I wrote The Subconscious Mind Is The Seat Of Genius because I was so taken by […]

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Master Key Experience Week 1-3

Master Key Experience Week 1-3 The Journey Begins

The excitement is palpable as a new cohort of adventurers launch themselves into the unknown. Master Key Experience Week 1 begins anew for them. For me it’s the third time around. It began in September 2015 and continued through September 2016 when a new session began. I’ve now come full circle again. I now have […]

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