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Income Source

Income Source Should Be Diversified

I just read an interesting statistic from Tracy Biller. He says a new survey just came out that indicates 78% of employees live pay check to pay check. Their income source is not enough for them to build a reserve.

On top of that the average credit card debt in the United States is about $15,000 or $21,000.00 Canadian. That’s a major issue in itself. And now consider it takes the average employee about 6 months to earn enought o pay his or her taxes. It’s little wonder that 96% lie in bed at night worrying about their financial future.

The fact is most people have all their eggs in one basket. So what’s the solution? Read on…..

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Warm Market Recruiting

Warm Market Recruiting Foibles And Fables

Warm Market Recruiting Do’s And Don’ts One of the first things I was told when I first joined a network marketing company was “make a list of at least 100 people”. List your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances. Include everybody you know. That was the first step in the most important business building process; warm market […]

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Building Relationships

Building Relationships Is Your Business

Any Business Is About Connecting and Building Relationships Back in the nineties…. almost ancient history now, anyone involved in a legitimate business from home talked to real people. It was a “belly to belly get to know your customers and look after them” operation. Building relationships and developing trust was essential and the norm. Same […]

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Research Station ARD

Earn Money From Home Plus Billy And Me Go To Church

Earn Money From Home and Billy and Me Go To Church How the heck would Billie and me even find a church when we’re at least 150 miles from the nearest settlement of Tuktoyaktuk? Particularly since the only practical way of getting there is by float plane? And that’s not something we had access to. I introduced […]

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Anderson River Delta NWT

Best Internet Business Opportunity

Finding The Best Internet Business Opportunity So you search for the best internet business opportunity and you land here. If that’s because you are seriously looking for a change, you are exactly who I want to talk to. Provided of course that you aren’t one of those folks who’ve been completely brain washed by the […]

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Conversions scarcity

Conversions Are Scarcity Driven Like It Or Not

How Are Your Landing Page Conversions? If they aren’t what you’d like, check this out! See what still drives people to take action and some awesome examples from the past. Improve your conversions immeasurably! Let me know what you think! You work hard to get people to your website. The last thing you want is for […]

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mlm objections twfb

MLM Objections Are Not What They Seem

Why Dealing With Apparent MLM Objections Is Nonsense How many times have you had to deal with mlm objections from prospects who said they were absolutely fired up about firing the boss and launching their own company? If you’ve been around for a while the answer will be “lots”. But when you get right down to signing […]

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Neil Patel Ideas

Neil Patel Delivers High Quality Content

Why You Should Follow Neil Patel Neil Patel delivers high quality, focused content that’s a must read for online marketers. Since the middle of September 2015 I have been on Neil’s list and have saved the links to over 60 blog posts and articles. None of these are quick little blurbs; each is a major piece […]

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Online Marketing Success Requires Action

Hidden Secret For Achievement Of Any Goal

Is Massive Action the Secret For Achievement? There’s ONE huge secret for achievement or making money online that eludes 99% of people. And it’s not what most of the so called “Marketing Gurus” would have you believe. Here’s what they’ll tell you and as a matter of fact, what I will advise as well, BUT ONLY after you understand […]

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Neil Patel Content marketing

Blogging Top Three Issues

Top Three Obstacles To Successful Blogging Blogging can be your ticket to success with internet marketing. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your name and your product in front of the right people. But it does come with its challenges which can sabotage your success unless you know how to handle […]

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