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Excellence is its own reward

Excellence Is Its Own Reward

Excellence Attracts Attention There is much talk these days about raising the minimum hourly rate for workers to a living wage. There’s resistance to the idea and workers feel powerless to influence the decision. They live in a society governed by representatives whose success is dependent on businesses that fund their elections. But there’s one […]

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Law of Compensation and Golden Rule

Law of Compensation And The Golden Rule MKMMA Week 23-3

People who always keep their promises by doing what they say they will, are much admired by those with whom they interact. They are also usually characterized by the fact they talk little but do much about their plans. Such individuals let their actions and the results achieved attest to their integrity. They have formed the habit of keeping promises to themselves. It then becomes easy to keep promises made to others. They understand the Law of Compensation.

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Practice Kindness

Five Ways To Practice Kindness MKMMA Week 16-3

Five Ways To Practice Kindness and be Grateful We are deep into the Franklin Makeover with the Master Key Experience this week. All are on the lookout for acts of kindness and on a mission to practice kindness themselves. To me showing or practicing kindness is as much a benefit to me as it is […]

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PPN Subconscious

Personal Pivotal Needs And The Mighty Subconscious MKMMA Week 2-3

New Perspectives On The Subconscious And Oxygen For Your Soul This being the third time around for me with the Master Key Experience, I checked back to see what caught my attention the first two times. The first session I wrote The Subconscious Mind Is The Seat Of Genius because I was so taken by […]

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Desire And A Positive Mental Attitude Equals Success

Just Know What You Want Desire is knowing what you want and feeling it in the depths of your Solar Plexus. Samuel B Fuller was an American entrepreneur who came from humble beginnings. His mother taught him they were not poor because God wanted them to be so; rather they were poor because nobody had […]

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Emotions Are Powerful Tools

Emotions Are Powerful Tools You Must Use – MKMMA Week 22-2

Use Fear To Drive Toward Your Purpose Haanel opens Part Twenty-Two with an analogy between the disease conditions caused by the accumulation of waste material in the cell as it lives and grows, and the effects of negative thoughts and emotions upon our physical and mental well being . The first time through this lesson […]

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Live For Today

Live For Today

Live for Today for Tomorrow Never Comes When you go about your daily life what are you thinking about most of the time? Are you dreaming of the future or fondly remembering your past? Do you live for today? I think you should spend some time doing both. Thinking about your successes, times when you’ve […]

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Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Mental Attitude And Love In My Heart

I Begin My Day With Love In My Heart and A Positive Mental Attitude Yeah OK. Maybe love in my heart and a positive mental attitude sounds a little mushy for the old biologist turned entrepreneur you’ve come to know and love over the past while. But it really isn’t out of the ordinary because I’ve […]

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