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Life Lessons

Life Lessons Learned And Not Forgotten MKMMA Commencement Week 24A-3

Some Life Lessons From MKMMA and Dr. Seuss The Commencement webcast for The Master Key Experience was heart warming. Having so many people stick it out to the final day is such a powerful recommendation for this process. Many life lessons came to the fore over the course of 26 weeks. All were taken to […]

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Commencement The Start Of A New Journey MKMMA Week 24-3

Commencement Is Upon Us This is not the end. It is the commencement of a new phase in the journey of life. As we wind down this session of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA), all who remain standing should realize what a marvelous thing they’ve accomplished. So look back at where you were […]

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Law of Compensation and Golden Rule

Law of Compensation And The Golden Rule MKMMA Week 23-3

People who always keep their promises by doing what they say they will, are much admired by those with whom they interact. They are also usually characterized by the fact they talk little but do much about their plans. Such individuals let their actions and the results achieved attest to their integrity. They have formed the habit of keeping promises to themselves. It then becomes easy to keep promises made to others. They understand the Law of Compensation.

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Law of Vibration

Law Of Vibration Explains Mind Body Control – MKMMA Week 22-3

All in the Universe is Characterized by its Rate of Vibration The Master Key System Part Twenty-Two is a fascinating expose of how the Mind controls every aspect of the living body. The conscious mind, interacting with the subconscious can have momentary control of our muscles, glands and circulatory system. You see a sad movie […]

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Omnipotence Is Absolute Silence

Omnipotence Is Absolute Silence All Else Is Change Week 21-3

Power Is Found In The Silence Many times throughout The Master Key System Haanel talks of the fact Omnipotence or the connection to the Universal Mind can only be found in The Silence. He notes in Part 21 (27) that silent thought concentration is the true method of reaching, awakening and then expressing the tremendous […]

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Seeking Inspiration

Recognize The Spirit Within MKMMA Week 20-3

The Spirit Within – The Source of All Power Haanel’s The Master Key System Part Twenty clearly indicates the spirit of a thing is that thing. The spirit of you IS you and that without spirit, you would be nothing. You must recognize the spirit within you and thus be able to use the power […]

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Thought Originates All

Thought Backed By Burning Desire Originates All – MKMMA Week 19-3

Her Thought Has Taken Her Far Everything has its origin in a thought. It that is backed by a burning desire to achieve the object of that thought, great things happen. Take Jamie Macdonald for instance. The image below tells the story. She imagines going to The Olympics. She’s perhaps 6 years of age and […]

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Live in the present

The Present Is All There Is MKMMA Week 18-3

Focus On The Present Moment I live each day as if it is my last is the admonition in The Scroll Marked V in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World. I’ve come to look upon this message as a reminder to live in the present moment, rather than dwell on the possibility this […]

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Mind Control Key To Creating Reality

Mind Control – The Key To Creating Reality MKMMA Week 17HJ-3-

All students of the Master Key System come to understand that Mind Control is the key to achievement. This week  we call Week 17HJ. It’s a time for review and reflection on where we were and where we are now. I look back and marvel at the progress. I now see how fortunate I’ve been in achieving what I have without the practical structure the Master Key Experience has provided.

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Symbols Versus Reality

Symbols Versus Reality MKMMA Week 17-3

Do Not Mistake Symbols For Reality Listen to Haanel in my recording of The Master Key System – Part Seventeen. We all take for granted Homo sapiens (Man as Haanel says) has “dominion over all things”.  This idea is stated as fact in the Bible and echoed by many philosophers and wise men throughout the […]

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