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Your Hero’s Journey Is A Guided Tour MKMMA Week 24-2

Let Me Be Your Hero’s Journey Guide We’ve come to the end of another Master Key Experience Session. But it’s also a new beginning. I was reminded today that every story, movie, fable and fairy tale follows an age old pattern. Every story has a hero who faces some great challenge. Every hero has a […]

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Inner Faith

Inner Faith Is Another Name For Persistence | MKMMA Week 23-2

You Must Have Inner Faith In Your Ability To Achieve I was listening to Earl Nightingale’s recording of “The Strangest Secret“, one of my all time favourite inspirational pieces yesterday as I drove out to set things up for my Mom’s 99th birthday tea. This time through it his comment “faith is just another word for […]

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Seeking Inspiration

The Silence | An Experience Well Worth Having Week 22A-2

Silence Is Where The Power Lies Guest Post by Dr. Andrew Millar It occurred to me that I had never read a description of the experience an individual goes through by undertaking an extended Sit; what I call Seeking the Silence. Then I read Andrew Millar’s post and wanted to share it with my readers. […]

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Emotions Are Powerful Tools

Emotions Are Powerful Tools You Must Use – MKMMA Week 22-2

Use Fear To Drive Toward Your Purpose Haanel opens Part Twenty-Two with an analogy between the disease conditions caused by the accumulation of waste material in the cell as it lives and grows, and the effects of negative thoughts and emotions upon our physical and mental well being . The first time through this lesson […]

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Inner Faith

Miracles Surround You And So Do Illusions MKMMA Week 21-2

Miracles Are Everywhere If You’ll Just Look Miracles aren’t necessarily earth shattering. Consider the reflection of your face in a water drop. That is a miracle. My ability to control thought is a miracle and at the same time is responsible for my ability to create my ideal; another miracle. Those are no less miraculous […]

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Success The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Goal Week 20-2

Success Is A Progression It has been said that “success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” The Master Key Experience to date has been a series of interrelated progressions. All of them aimed at helping each of us discover and realize out definite major purpose. It’s a year since I first went through The […]

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Inductive Reasoning Mind

Mind Over Matter MKMMA Week 19-2

Mind And Matter Are Phases Of A Single Entity I’m reflecting on the idea that Mind is the single principle in the spiritual world. The Universal Mind is the Thinking Stuff from which all things are created as defined by Wallace Wattles (The Science of Getting Rich). Matter is the dynamic state of mind; the expression of […]

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Major Purpose

Definite Major Purpose Is Your Personal Aladdin’s Lamp

A Definite Major Purpose Is Magical Now that’s an interesting thought coming out of Week 18 and the masterful presentation of the lesson. A bunch of insights come to fruition here. The thoughts we hold and from which we formulate our definite major purpose is really our own personal Aladdin’s Lamp. How is it that […]

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Hero's Journey

Hero’s Journey And Hockey Night In Canada MKMMA Week 17HJ-2

Hero’s Journey Played Out On 200 By 85 Foot Sheet Of Ice Saturday evening has been Hockey Night in Canada for as long as I can remember. It’s now become Hockey Day in Canada with the expansion of the National Hockey League (NHL) to 30 teams and the growth of the game internationally. Each player on […]

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Intuition Comes In The Silence Week 17-2

Listen For Intuition In The Silence of The Sit Another tumultuous week. I have been distracted and not focused as usual on the tasks, readings and exercises. But I am pleased that many are now habitual and come forth unbidden. I went back and read Week 17 from January, 2016 and am reminded of the […]

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