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master mind power reap what you sow

Week 16 – Reflections Upon Master Mind Power

Master Mind Power I am compelled to write about Master Mind Power this week. As I was reading The Master Key Part Sixteen and preparing to seek the Silence, this thought entered my mind: “The biggest problem with my former board of directors was that it was the exact opposite of what a Master Mind […]

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we become what we think about image

Week 15 – We Become What We Think ABout

We Become What We Think About All Day Long This is the key to success and the key to failure; we become what we think about. If you listened to Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret, those words will be familiar. Down through the ages this thought has been expressed in different words by the great […]

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Universal Mind

Week 14 In Harmony With The Universal Mind

Connecting The Universal Mind With Our Consciousness This week is one of celebration and reflection. It’s busy with all the preparations for Christmas, last minute shopping for gifts, turkeys, hams and all manner of traditional Holiday material. It’s a time when it should be much easier than usual to appreciate that we are all one with […]

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four key habits of successful people rudy

Four Key Habits Of Successful People

The Four Key Habits Of Successful People Create Persistence What is success other than a state of mind? Definitions abound, but the one I like best is that suggested by Earl Nightingale in The Strangest Secret, which is “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” The four key habits of successful people discussed […]

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Inductive reasoning power

Week 13 Beyond Inductive Reasoning

Week 13 Beyond Inductive Reasoning Power This week is one of huge challenges and supreme joy, all at the same time. I persist through the continuing challenges related to Internet Security with much aplomb. But I rejoice with the family all here for Christmas! As I attempt to write this I have 6 grandchildren and […]

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power of thought believe

Week 12 – Power Of Thought Seek The Silence

Power Of Thought In Creating Your Reality In the introduction to Master Key – Part Twelve Haanel reminds us again that “Knowledge does not apply itself.” We must apply the knowledge by which he means we have to give life and action (vitality) to our new reality, our DMP, by living it as though it has already […]

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Inductive Reasoning Mind

Week Eleven – Inductive Reasoning

I must admit the language in sections of Master Keys Part Eleven seems archaic and convoluted. Perhaps that’s why I’m having some difficulty discerning meaning from some of the passages. Getting to the central message about inductive reasoning took some work. I have to go back to Part Ten and recall that “Abundance is a […]

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Persistence is power

Week 10 – Persistence Brings Success

Persistence Brings Success In Any Endeavour I am late with this post for good reason. Here’s why and a great illustration of how persistence pays. On Monday morning I discovered my main website ( had been hacked and subsequently designated by Google as a Deceptive site. That in turn had this MKMMA category painted with […]

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Cosmological Law of Attraction

Week 9 – Law Of Attraction Affirm Your Reality

The Universal Cosmological Law of Attraction Haanel continues to teach us how to fashion the tools by which we can build any condition we desire. The recurring theme is that we must tap into our innermost thoughts but go far beyond mere wishes, whims, fancy and ambition. We are learning to hold in our mind […]

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Week 8 – Imagination And We Are to Hate Nothing

Imagination – A Mighty Instrument Of Constructive Thought In the introduction to Part Eight we find that we are free to choose what we think but the result of those thoughts is governed by an immutable law. Imagination is the mechanism that attaches thought to the creative power of the Universal Mind. “There is therefore […]

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