Build A Real Business

Build A Real Business and Billy Blows Up The Tent

Build A Real BusinessBefore you read about the Tent Incident, let’s have talk about the need to build a real business. The fact is it’s tough to make a buck when your friends and acquaintances run the other way when you appear. Or when the folks you managed to get into your mlm business do nothing and then disappear within 30 to 90 days.

They disappear because they are among the 97% who make less than $10/month and spend ten times that just to qualify for that measly amount. Or they are among the instant riches seekers who take off to some other “Ground Floor” opportunity that’s “hot, hot” right now and everyone’s flocking to it.

While the ones that stick around need constant babysitting and prodding to keep up their autoship because nobody gets paid unless product is sold. Still tough to build a real business.

System Dependent Consumers

Guess what? I’ll bet you don’t even know that the big “Upline” folks like it that way and could care less just as long as you keep chasing the dream, buying their training stuff, and driving leads to the corporate site. Nice system dependent consumers are in high demand.

Oh yeah….

You spend your time and your money driving leads to your replicated mlm site and you don’t even realize that those leads YOU paid for aren’t even yours. They belong to and are controlled by the company!

Same sort of thing with the standard affiliate program. You drive traffic, they own the leads, you make a few sales, they make a whole bunch of ‘em on the back end.

And if you’re making 8-20% commission on a $50 to $100 item, how many sales a month do you need to make that $5-10,000 you set out to achieve?

You Must Build A Real Business

They LOVE you! What you do pays their bills…. not yours! So you need to develop a real business. A business that pays top dollar on your efforts and one you control completely. How do you do that?


  • You need to work with real professionals who want you to be successful and can actually help you.
  • Market a high end products that pay you handsomely with each sale and is no more difficult to market than a $27 ebook.
  • Own your LEADS and really discover why your list is your most precious business asset.
  • Own your CUSTOMERS so it won’t matter that the company you work with disappears or does a 180 on you.
  • YOU sell stuff on the back end because you control your list, your customers and your business.


Here’s Where You Can Build A Real Business

Are You Ready

  • To earn a minimum of $16,000/month with just 4 sales per week
  • Learn how to become and Entrepreneur, not a system dependent Customer
  • Get professional quality marketing training
  • Market a high end product you also own and can comfortably and ethically sell to Grandma
  • Earn $1,000, $3,000 or $7,000 per sale

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May the Power be yours,

Build A Real Business



P.S. It is true I want to help you make monee. That’s the only way I can make monee. And, probably like you, I’m not impressed with $15 or $20 commissions

P.P.S. Here’s the Tent Incident, just one more story about my favourite Inuit, Billy, my guide, assistant and friend at Anderson River, NWT.

Billy’s physiology and stamina were amazing. Tougher than whalebone, he was. For instance, we both smoked; me mostly a pipe and Billy cigarettes. In the supplies we brought in were tins of tobacco and cigarette papers. You had to roll your own.

Do you know how difficult it is to roll a cigarette with hands half frozen and wet because you’ve been running a canoe in rough water into sleet driven at you by a brisk northwest wind? It’s barely above freezing! I could hardly get one rolled and lit up with both hands.

Billy Could Roll a Smoke With One Hand

Billy J at the tiller.Billy on the other hand could do it with one hand in about half the time. And he was operating the motor at the same time! His muscles and nerves functioned way better than mine at very cold temperatures. Tough as nails he was and very obviously evolved and acclimated to the rigors of the Arctic environment.

Had to be. He told me that the previous winter he and two other trappers were cleaning snow machine parts in their tent one night…. With gasoline! Of course they had a Coleman stove running (open flame) and a couple of Coleman lanterns (more open flame) and the predictable happened!

Their Tent Blew Up 100 Miles From Nowhere at -30 Celsius

The place literally blew up! Everything caught on fire and there they were… 100 miles from the nearest settlement, almost no clothing, no snow machine, and it’s -30 or -40 C.

Fortunately they also had a dog team and sled, so two guys covered up in the sled with what blankets and furs had survived the fire, while one guy took what clothes they had left, and ran behind the sled as they headed out on this 100 mile trek with that dog team.

When the guy on the outside got tired and cold, one of the others would take his place. So alternating between riding and running, these three tough bastards made that trip safely and lived to tell about it. And seemed none the worse for it. Tough, smart and resourceful was Billy and all other folks like him. I feel awfully privileged to have known and worked with him.

Have to be Tough and Resourceful in Business Too

You have to be smart, resourceful and tough in business too. That’s why a worthwhile payoff is essential. Check out the real business I can offer you Right Here!


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