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Blogging Top Three Issues

Top Three Obstacles To Successful Blogging

Blogging can be your ticket to success with internet marketing. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your name and your product in front of the right people. But it does come with its challenges which can sabotage your success unless you know how to handle them.

If you are bent on being a blogger make sure you know what you’re doing. Here’s a great how to source for professional bloggers. Check it out. In the meantime here are a few pointers to get you started.

There are three very common obstacles that you keep many aspiring bloggers and internet marketers from realizing their potential and that make earning an income online seem like an impossible dream. These are the blogging top three issues with which aspiring bloggers must contend.

Technology Issues

Setting up and formatting your blog so it looks professional, has a consistent look and feel, gets your content in front of the right people, collects their name and address, builds your list and sells what you offer can be complicated. And time consuming.

If you love the technical stuff, go ahead and do it yourself. But keep in mind that you can outsource this type of activity. Head on over to or even Fiverr if you want someone to set up your site, create graphics for you, and the like. If your goal is to make the equivalent of $100 or more per hour, you should not be spending your time on $10/hour tasks.

If you are a complete novice or the technical stuff just drives you up the wall, you are much bettter off outsourcing it. You can learn to do it yourself but it takes time and there’s a learning curve in terms of choosing a good hosting service, picking the right themes and plugins, setting up analytics and tracking, and on and on.

So get someone to do it for you initially and then learn how to do it yourself after you have a site up and running and you are making some money.

Blog Content Creation

The second obstacle is what are you going to talk about. What topics do you want to cover?

First, that will depend on your target market and what will interest them. You should already have a pretty good idea if you have a business opportunity and/or products that you are marketing. That will give you an area of concentration.

The key is to provide some information or ideas that your potential readers will find valuable because it solves a problem they have or at least points them in the right direction to find the answers they are looking for.

Getting ideas for topics and creating posts is actually easier than most people think. Don’t over complicate it.

blog content ideasHere are 5 suggestions for blog content creation:

  1. If you attended a training webinar, take good notes and write about it on your blog. One webinar could be the source of several articles on a particular topic.
  2. Read a book in your area of interest and write a review. If you found it useful and interesting, you can be sure other people with interests similar to yours will too. You can even increase your chances of making some money from the post if you review a book on Amazon (aren’t they all?) and add your affiliate link.
  3. Set up Google Alerts for topics that interest you and use those to create content quickly and easily. You can personalize the material and make it your own to avoid problems with plagiarism. If you do use material from other people’s articles directly, just make sure you cite the source and you’ll be OK.
  4. Everyone attends business related events. For instance if you are involved with a network marketing opportunity and attend a live event where there are featured speakers, take notes and create content for your blog.
  5. If you have just learned how to do some technical task like keyword research, or how to edit images for use on your blog, or any number of little “techy things” like that, write about it. If you went looking for instructions to do those things other people will be looking also.  Give people what they want.

Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence or underestimating your value can be a real stumbling block.  It’s pretty natural for beginning bloggers to ask “who’s gonna listen to me? I don’t have a huge track record of success.” That might be understandable but it’s simply a matter of lack of confidence and under estimating value.

Everyone starts from zero before they start climbing the ladder of knowledge and success. If you have bought a training course, taken in a training webinar, read a technical “how to” book or have had any number of other experiences, you know more than a whole lot of people.

You can learn stuff, write about it and teach people who have less knowledge than you do. The more you invest in yourself, the more you learn, and the more you can teach. The people who will listen to you are the people who want what you have, because they need it for the same reasons that you decided you needed to learn it yourself.

So consider all the notes you’ve taken from webinars, courses and events you have attended as cheques waiting to be cashed. Just convert them to content and get it out onto the internet where you can promote yourself, your prodcuts or the opportunity that you market.

You went to all the trouble and expense to acquire the information, don’t waste it. Make sure you cash those cheques!

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