mlm companies in Canada

Best MLM Companies in Canada

How to Find the Best MLM Companies in Canada

If you are looking for an mlm opportunity in Canada you will have little problem finding numerous mlm companies that operate in Canada. But to discover the best mlm companies in Canada do some searches on Google, Bing or Yahoo and you’ll find plenty to start analyzing.

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If you are new to the search for a good mlm company, start at the top and work down. You can search for the top 50 or top 100 mlm companies and spend a lot of time sifting through the results. What constitutes the “top” or best” company depends on the criteria you choose on which to do the ranking. Many such ranking systems boil down to a matter of opinion. But it’s a start.

Top Rated MLM  Companies in Canada

A great source of free information about multilevel marketing and other direct sales businesses is the Direct Selling Association. Look them up at There you will find a list of 75 multilevel marketing companies that operate in Canada. It’s a bit tricky getting there because using the search icon at the top right doesn’t get you there.

You have to click on the Members Listing in the menu on the left and then select Canada from the Countries of Operation down the page. If you try mlm canada or mlm companies in canada or any variation of those in the search bar at the top you will be taken to parts of the website that are available only to members.

DSA provides links to the company websites, products and services offered, and contact information. They also indicate which of these companies are members of the DSA. All 75 mlm companies in Canada listed by DSA originated in the US. That’s not a bad thing, but if you are looking to find truly Canadian mlm companies they are not there.

Representative MLM Companies In Canada

There are a few sites that will zero in a bit more on companies headquartered in Canada help you find the perfect MLM Canada opportunity that makes sense for you.

Mlm Companies In CanadaHead on over to MLM RankingsDirect Selling Opportunities (DSO) and where you’ll find pretty extensive lists which will take you forever to sift through if you are looking for an opportunity that suits you. MLM rankings break it down by ranking according to popularity, top performers and top gainers in popularity over the last 6 months. If popularity means anything, that can narrow your search.

Do a search for mlm companies in Canada at MLM Rankings. You will find some familiar names like Avon, ACN, Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife and a lot more. The list is similar to what you see at DSA. Most are companies that started in the US and then expanded to Canada but you will find some that are headquartered in Canada.

The Best MLM C0mpanies in Canada Are Diverse

They include mlm companies that specialize in Home Parties like Spa Sensations. Others market jewellery, food and cookware (Epicure), nutritionals, energy and cosmetics and beauty products (Beauty Counsellors). You will find a very similar breakdown at DSO like Origami Owl, Cloelle Design and Mialisia (jewellery), Tealia Tea, Zu Clean Living, Gold Design Candles and many more.

You can also locate information on mlm companies in Canada by searching by State. As well as various US States and other countries to choose from, there are links to BC, British Columbia, Toronto and Canada. Click on Canada for the mlm companies there and you come up with a total of 21 listings. Not much if your interest is in an mlm company originating in Canada.

Not only that, it’s difficult to tell whether the company is a subsidiary of one from the US or another country. Some of the information about companies with which I am familiar is outdated. For instance, Somalife International and GHP Sport (a spin off of Somalife) are Canadian in origin but are no longer using an mlm business model. Others like Nerium have recently folded.

However, if you’ve covered all these bases you are able to really dig into a few mlm companies in Canada and make a decision as to which one you would like to work with. Doing your own due diligence in this way, even if someone has approached you with an opportunity rather than your having started a search on your own, is a necessary step to being successful.

Building a Profitable Canadian MLM Business Fast

Let’s assume you have completed your research and have picked an MLM company in Canada to represent. So now what is your next move? Very simply put, your next step is to embrace a sales and marketing system and plan. If nothing sells, no one makes money so you need to learn how to market your products and your opportunity.

It is a fact that few people make a lot of money in network marketing, but those who are really successful make millions. The majority of people who sign up hardly ever make any more than a hundred dollars per month. Why is that and what separates the millionaires from the rest? The difference lies in the marketing strategy used and the way in which it is applied.

You may not want to hear this but the best way to get your business off to a fast start is to contact the people in your circle of influence; your family and friends or what’s called your warm market. Most people burn through this list real fast and then have nobody to talk to about their business. They may have gotten a good start but the problem now is figuring out how to continue to grow the business and replace people who drop out.

What other options are available to take your business to the next level?

MLM started as a people business which is why warm market is the traditional and ultimately most successful way to build a business. Once you run out of friends and family why not grow a new warm market? It’s really the only way to go.

And to do that you use an attraction marketing system. Inexpensive to set up and maintain, attraction marketing systems are also one of the most powerful lead generation strategies available. It positions you and your company as a trusted place to buy rather than a place to avoid. People don’t like sales pitches but they do respond to someone and a system that serves their needs. That’s why attraction marketing is so powerful as an mlm business building strategy.

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Best MLM Companies In Canada


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