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Best Internet Business Opportunity

Finding The Best Internet Business Opportunity

Best Internet Business OpportunitySo you search for the best internet business opportunity and you land here. If that’s because you are seriously looking for a change, you are exactly who I want to talk to.

Provided of course that you aren’t one of those folks who’ve been completely brain washed by the purveyors of “instant riches” online so you wouldn’t recognize a REAL business opportunity if it reared up and bit you! Gently of course.

People like that just don’t make good business partners. But you’re not like that I’m sure so keep reading. Now I realize you have no idea who I am so let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Terry Neraasen. I’ve worked with and learned from some of the industry’s top names. That includes the good the bad and the ugly.

Who Is Terry Neraasen

I’ve had some success at affiliate and network marketing, which I got into only after I quit corporate life. I had an amazing career as a corporate executive, and as a consultant after that. Got a Doctorate, had a great career saving the ducks and all that. I’ll tell you more about all that later.

But for now I know you probably care not a tinker’s damn about all that. What you really want to know is “what I can do for you”, and that is completely understandable.

So here’s the deal.

I got myself sorted out over the past few years. I know where I’m going and how to get there. That’s because I stopped chasing the shiny objects that are all over the place online. And I stopped following and believing the “gooroos” and all the ‘bullshyt’ most preach.

I now work with a very select group who think like I do. Over the next several days and the series of posts I’m hoping to find out if you are one of those people too. And you will find out whether or not you want to be.

What Can The Best Internet Business Opportunity Do For You

I only work with entrepreneurs who are REALLY hungry for success. I have to find out if you fit the bill. The upshot is that you will either stick around for the whole series and beyond or you’ll get weeded out because you don’t. That’s perfect.

I know you’ve heard that line before, probably more than once. Most of the people you’ve heard it from are those whose only goal is to sell you something. They’ll take money from anyone, even from customers they know aren’t a good fit for their business.

That’s NOT how it works here. I am interested in determining if doing business together will be something that can benefit us both. I’m looking to build a team of smart, savvy, hungry entrepreneurs and to create businesses that will generate profits for us all, for years to come. So whoever gets on my team will only be there because we both know there’s a good fit between us.

Discover An Elite Internet Business Opportunity

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If you’ve been bummed out with your Home Business results, you will find this information interesting….. maybe even shocking. Especially if you’ve been grinding it out in MLM with old school tactics for several years and haven’t seen any serious income.
Anderson River Delta NWTI spent two summers in the Arctic at a camp on the Anderson River Delta, Northwest Territories. I was doing research into how the spring and fall migrations of Lesser Snow Geese, White Fronted Geese and Pacific Brant affected the parasites they had on the breeding grounds at Anderson River. Quite an adventure that was. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Best Internet Business Opportunity


About the Author Terry Neraasen

Online marketer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I come from a background in science with wetland and waterfowl ecology and management as both passions and vocation. I continue to be very passionate about wildlife conservation and protecting the environments upon which we all depend. I have been around the block with network marketing and affiliate sales. While I no longer focus on those areas of business I do promote the best MLM training I've ever seen- Go90Grow. It's all based on The Success System That Never Fails. I have graduated to online retailing of physical products. I'm a graduate and Certified Guide for The Master Key Experience which is the ultimate in personal development. Get in touch if you've a mind to. I'm always open to new things and new friends.

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