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Establishing Yourself As An Online Authority

There are only 5 steps to becoming an online authority in your niche or area of expertise. Once you establish your online authority in whatever area you choose you will have people seeking you out, wanting to work with you and asking for your help with the issues they face.

Does that seem impossible to you? Maybe it does if you are struggling right now to just get noticed, to get one lead per day. As the saying goes. “success leaves clues” so you just have to follow the trail blazed by people who have been successful in your niche.

As an example I just took in a great session with Ray Higdon, a hugely successful online marketer who established his online authority before he even had any major results! The results followed rather than preceded his becoming known as an online authority as an internet and network marketer.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to be able to flash a bunch of big checks or a great list of PayPal or Clickbank payments to be recognized as an online authority. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche and the leads, customers and sales follow.

How To Be An Online Authority Before Your Bank Account Proves It

An authority is someone who is considered by his or her audience to be someone who knows more about a particular subject than they do. Your audience, that is, the people you attract, are the key in this equation. You don’t have to be the global authority to be recognized by your target audience as an online authority in your niche. So what are the five steps to establishing your online authority?

Define Your Vision

Spend some time to clearly define what you want to become known for, so that people see you as the “go to” person when they want help in that area. Your focus has to be on the needs of the people you want to attract to you. So part of your vision has to be determining who your target audience is, and the problems they have, that you can help them solve.

All current and wanna be home business owners need help with lead generation and making sales. If you have been involved with online marketing for any length of time you know more about online marketing than 99% of your potential customers. See yourself as an authority and decide you will serve that audience. Focus more on helping people solve their problems and less on making a sale.

Let your vision guide your goals and success will follow.

Invest In Yourself

Immerse yourself in the niche you have chosen. Play to win rather than to prevent a loss. That means investing in yourself. You cannot become the online authority people seek without cost.

That means taking marketing courses, getting some coaching, buying books and audios, attending webinars and learning everything you can about your subject matter. When you invest in your own education you can help other people solve their problems and you then become a valuable resource. In other words, an authority.

Create Authoritative Content

The fastest way to learn is to teach what you are learning yourself. Higdon calls this the ILT formula. First you Invest in your education and Learn to solve your own problems. Then you Teach other people, reinforce your own learning, and thereby establish your authority as an expert, to those people you attract.

The best way to create authoritative content is by blogging about what you have learned. There are other avenues like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and so on, but consistently writing a blog about what you are studying, is both a learning experience and a way to become recognized as an authority in your field.

Build Your Audience

You need to define your audience. They will be people who are like you. They will have similar interests, similar problems and will have goals that are aligned with yours.

Apply the ILT formula. Take all the material you have learned through the courses, webinars and meetings you partake of and turn that into content for your blog. Do that consistently and learn how to use that content to generate leads on a daily basis.

When you provide solutions to the problems people in your audience have, you create value and will build an audience of people who look up to you and consider you an authority.

Generate Income

As an online authority you will not only have a bunch of followers who look up to you and eagerly read your blog posts, you will have a group of people who will pay you for your help. At first you will likely sell internet marketing training courses through affiliate programs. Eventually you will be able to develop your own courses and coaching programs. Your blog will generate profits for your business.

This will take time but I know people who generate over a $Million/year just from their blog. The aforementioned Ray Higdon is one of them.

Invest in yourself and learn how to market online and serve your audience. Learn attraction marketing, establish your credentials as an online authority and attract an audience that will pay you for your expertise.

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