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Attraction Marketing – Become A Prospect Magnet

Success in any business is dependent on your ability to attract and keep customers and /or partners. So being good at attraction marketing and prospecting, especially if you are a network marketer are fundamental to your ability to attract leads and eventually convert them to paying customers or members of your opportunity.

Attraction Marketing

I did a video about attraction marketing  after one of the sessions in the 100 Day Bizbuilder Challenge I was involved in shortly after I joined  My Lead System Pro.  The video is attached below. I am no longer associated with MyLeadSystemPro but the ideas are valid nonetheless. Just ignore the links in the video but watch and enjoy.

Your attitudes or your mindset will determine what you project as an individual to the outside world. What you project has a major effect on your ability to attract prospects to your opportunity whether it is a network marketing business or an affiliate program. It will in fact determine whether you attract people who want to work with you or whether it will repel them or cause them to avoid you.

Attraction marketing is all about getting like minded people to gravitate to you like iron filings to a magnet or bees to honey. And how you project yourself will determine the outcome of any interaction. If your attraction marketing skills are good you will not only attract people to you, you will be able to establish long term relationships. That’s key to success long term.

Who are you trying to attract? Most of us are marketing to people who are looking for a home based business opportunity or for people who already have one and are searching for help or a different opportunity. Wouldn’t it be great if they came to you like bees to honey?

Keys To Attraction marketing Success

So what are the keys to becoming good at attraction marketing and being a prospect magnet? There are four key things. They are all related to mindset and your attitude.

Take Responsibility

The first is take responsibility for the choices you have made. Your lot in life and in your network marketing opportunity are the result of choices you made and will make. If you have made mistakes or tried things that were not successful, learn from them. But don’t adopt a poor me attitude. Make adjustments and move on.


The second factor in becoming better at attraction marketing is decision. Make a committed decision to be a professional marketer and treat your business like a business, not a hobby. Devote the same kind of energy and dedication to it as you would if you were working for someone else at a job, perhaps even more. Have the attitude you’ll do what it takes.

Take Action

Third in your attraction marketing development you have to take massive action with the attitude of providing value and being of service. Don’t automatically pitch everyone you attract with your business or product. That may not be what they are looking for. Find out what they want. If you make the sale of the product or your opportunity what you lead with and that’s the only thing you have to offer, you probably won’t get far.

Work On You

Finally work on your self; your belief in your opportunity, your habits, your knowledge and your overall attitude. You must firmly believe in yourself and your ability to help others get what they want. And your belief in your product or company must be rock solid. Any tentativeness in these areas will become very clear to your prospects and they will be reluctant to join you.

Eliminate fear of rejection. If your approach and attitude is one of giving people what they want, even if it’s not your opportunity, when they don’t buy or join your business you won’t feel rejected. That’s because your objective is attracting the right kind of people and giving value.

Work on developing good work habits and a positive mindset. These will lead to greater success and be a role model to people you contact. Once you have established great attraction marketing skills and a proper mindset you can really begin to work your business.

Work On Your Business

Focus on money making activities. marketing develop skills and expertise and constantly invest in yourself. Read pertinent books, listen to audios from leaders, take marketing and personal development courses and so on.

If you do all these things consistently over 3 to 6 months you will see both your attraction marketing skills and your business success improve dramatically.

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