Attitude Comes Through In Many Ways

One of my favourite bloggers is Seth Godin. I just read his recent post about a sign on every entrance to La Guardia Airport in New York. The sign has much to say about the attitude of its creator, and perhaps about that of those who manage the airport in general.

Godin is a thought leader who always has insightful observations about what may seem very ordinary. This post is a great example. Here’s the sign:


between 12:00 a.m.
and 4:00 a.m.
until further notice.

Ticketed Passengers &
Employees ONLY
will have access
to Terminal.

Godin wonders who it’s for, how it will affect everyone else, what the motives of the sign maker are, and why it’s worded and “shouted” in the way it is.

I have the same questions. My first reaction is PANIC. At least it would be if I were a passenger hurrying to catch a plane.

Then, when I read down a bit and see the time frame for CLOSURE, it would be relief. Then I think I’d be a bit annoyed. Like “why the hell not say that more clearly and in a much friendlier way?”

Take Seth’s suggested alternative for instance:

Hi. To keep this terminal clean, it’s closed
to visitors from midnight until 4 a.m. every night.
Ticketed passengers are always welcome.

Thank you.

Now that’s clear, informative and reassuring.

How Might One’s Attitude Be Affected

It also reflects an attitude on the part of the sign maker, of respect for the needs of those for whom the terminal exists in the first place; paying customers.

It reflects an attitude of one who has a service mentality as opposed to one who is IN CHARGE of maintenance.

Your attitude rubs off on those around you.

Do you think your attitude and subsequent reaction to any inconvenience and delay at the airport would be different depending on what sign you read?

After having been rudely informed of the RULES by sign number one would you be more or less understanding of and cooperative about delays and inconvenience?

After being kindly made aware, by sign number two that you may have to detour around cleaning and maintenance procedures and that the terminal is closed to visitors between midnight and 4 a.m., would you be more or less understanding and cooperative?

Point is it costs nothing to be kind, understanding, respectful and of service.

The rewards can be immense, not the least of which is feeling really good about yourself.

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