Advertising Your Network Marketing Business

Advertising Your Network Marketing Business Is Critical To Success

I know you understand how important advertising is when you start a network marketing business. Your primary objective will be to to create an advertising network marketing process in order to generate as many leads as possible.

Without leads your business will not generate profits so getting people interested enough in you and your business so that they sign up is the object of any marketing you do. They will signup to learn how they can benefit from your business or the products you market. That’s the essence of attraction marketing.

Article Writing for Advertising Network Marketing

You can promote your business by writing articles and posting them to numerous article directories and various other internet sites. You don’t need a website of your own to do this, although as I point out later, that will get you up and running faster.

However, if you choose to use article marketing to advertise your business, you will need to write helpful and informative articles that are optimized for both search engines and your readers. I explain the key concepts of content marketing and article marketing in the video below.


You target your audience by discovering the words and phrases they use when searching for things related to your business. Once you have those keywords you optimize your articles by including them in your content. If you do it right, your articles will attract the attention of all the main search engines because they will be recognized as matches for the search terms people use.

That will direct traffic to your articles and they will rise higher in the search results. You want to get into the top three listings on the first page of search results. You will get great exposure and a flood of traffic to your content. You must place links to your network marketing company site in the articles to get leads , sales and signups.

You can submit articles yourself or use article distribution services. Using such services will cost a few dollars but it will help you obtain a lot of exposure much quicker than if you do it yourself. You want lots of exposure in a short time span so you can start building your business and get into profit quickly.

Create Your Own Internet Presence to Advertise Your Business

Directing your marketing efforts at the replicated website provided by the network marketing company is not the most effective way to market your business, even if you have a great article marketing system. You need a website that is truly your own.

Any leads you generate are most valuable if you own the list. Without a site of your own and the related lead capture and follow up system, that list is not yours. It resides with your network marketing company.

It is a simple process to set up your own site and there are lots of ways to promote and get free traffic which I cover below.

A WordPress blog is probably the best and easiest way to get your own site up and running. A self hosted blog using is superior to one that is hosted for you at because you have full control over it.

Once your site is up, your next task is to produce and optimize content so the search engines will find it and direct traffic to it. You use the same process to optimize your content as described above for articles.

Next you have to promote or advertise your site and its content to drive traffic to it. If you’ve done a good job of optimizing the content, people that find it will home in on the keywords in your content, find what they are looking for and optin as leads.

It is very easy to put a contact form on your blog to capture names and emails to build your list. The more traffic you get the more leads you will capture.

There are several techniques you can use to promote your WordPress site, some of which are free of charge and others that will cost you some money, so you should be prepared to have a budget for advertising.

Backlinks Are Keys To Traffic

One of the ways you can promote your blog is to get other sites to link back to yours. If another site puts a link to your blog or an article you posted, that’s called a backlink. Search engines like Google and Bing consider such links “votes of confidence” so to speak, and interpret the linking as an indication that your content is important and useful to the people online.

The more backlinks you have, the more authority your site has, and your site’s rank will increase. That just means you’ll get more and more traffic and eventually, more sales or signups. There are both free and paid methods to generate backlinks. Let’s talk about some free methods.

Use Forums for Advertising Your Business

One good and free way to get backlinks is to find high Page Rank blogs and forums that allow you to leave a link to your own blog or website in the comments you make. Focus on leaving informative comments or tips on blogs or forums that allow your link to be live so all a reader has to do is click on it to visit your site.  Any such comments you make will thus create a backlink to your site or article.

Using Social Media Sites for Promoting your Multi-level Marketing Business

Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and hundreds of others are great vehicles to promote your business. Establish accounts with these services, develop your profile and put together a page (i.e., Facebook page) specifically to advertise and promote your business. You can then make posts and updates pointing back to your website and your network marketing business.

That gives you backlinks as well as direct and free advertising. You do have to be careful not to blast links all over the place and end up having your material penalized as spam.

Advertising Network Marketing With Social MediaOn Facebook and Twitter you can target the audience that will be interested in your products and/or business. Tools like Graph Search on Facebook allow you to connect with people who have similar interests or needs related to your business.

Start by finding friends and establishing relationships. Introduce them to your business when they have come to know, like and trust you. This is an effective way to advertise your mlm opportunity, but it takes time and consistent activity over a long time.

You can also do paid advertising on social media sites and that’s where the targeting tools really shine. They allow you to advertise and promote your page or specific posts to very targeted audiences. You can select people according to geographic location and various demographic parameters like age, sex, level of education, and business interests as well as many others.

This is useful in general but when it comes to paid advertising, you can be much more efficient and maximize your return on investment.

Video Marketing to Promote Your Network Marketing Business

Youtube is no longer just a place to store your videos for sharing with friends. It still has that function but has become a major social media site, a search engine and an advertising platform.

The beauty of video marketing, especially on Youtube, is that you don’t need any special equipment or fancy cameras and editing software. A laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and a microphone are all you need.

Because Youtube gets so much traffic and has so many users, it is a powerful site to advertise any business, network marketing or bricks and mortar. It is easier to rank a video on Youtube than on Google and is used extensively by marketers for that reason.

With video, visitors see your face and hear your voice. They get to know you and trust you more quickly compared to reading your blog posts or articles. That’s a big plus for your marketing efforts.

In addition, you can optimize the videos for the search engines and gain both backlinks and leads as a result.

You can also do paid advertising on Youtube. If you select the right keywords you can get a lot of traffic and generate leads and sales. Get some good training because you can also lose your shirt with Youtube PPC.

How Will You Promote Your Network Marketing Business?

I’ve provide a few ideas but there are many other marketing strategies you can use to build your business. A lot of people look at all the alternatives and get a bit confused and even overwhelmed.  The solution is to choose a strategy that other network marketing professionals have already shown to be effective.

Then get some training and invest in some tools. You will do well to investigate what I use. CLICK HERE

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