Successful Home Based Businesses

Build Successful Home Based Businesses

Let’s talk about the 8 critical steps to building successful home based businesses.  There’s probably a whole bunch more to be done if you want to see those $10,000 months that everyone who starts a home business would like to see.

But unless you get these basics done right, you’ll forever be a system dependent consumer like 97% of the aspiring entrepreneurs around you. You don’t have to get them all done at once and right now.  But you have to be working as fast as you can go to put them in place.

So let’s get right to the point.

How to Create Successful Home Based Businesses

What you need to create a home based business that you own, lock stock and barrel are:

Here You Go

  1. A purpose so important to you you’ll make the sacrifices necessary to plunge ahead no matter the difficulty or scary prospect of failure
  2. An audience or target market that you understand well and with which you can communicate effectively. They share your values, needs and wants.
  3. Your own website or blog that serves as your home base online and from which you will market your products and opportunity.
  4. A product or opportunity that will meet the needs or solve the problems your audience has and provide you with enough revenue to create those $10,000/month pay cheques. (yeah we spell funny here in Canada).
  5. A lead generation system that will attract the right people to your offer in sufficient volume and at a cost that will generate profits for your business. Profits that will eventually reach $10,000 and more per month, if that is your goal. And it surely is, is it not?
  6. A system to follow-up with, and separate the tire kickers from the genuinely interested prospective customers and business partners. This is an autoreponder service that automates this process and makes establishing relationships with your potential customers workable. It is the key to selling what you have to offer.
  7. Help to close sales. Everyone understands that leads are the key to selling anything. But getting a lead in the funnel is the easy part. Converting those leads to sales is really the key to successful home based businesses. That’s where most people fail, so getting help and developing expertise in closing the sale is critical.
  8. Finally, the last big thing, which actually must come first, is training and mentoring. None of the above elements are terribly difficult. But having someone who has done it take you by the hand and show you, step by step, is immensely valuable. You really do have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

We Want To Create Independent Entrepreneurs

Why am I telling you this about building successful home based businesses? Because I and everyone of the entrepreneurs I work with want to help create independent, wealthy entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have the skills and drive to take any quality product or opportunity and make a big pile of money.

We want to help people skip all the phoney get rich quick, shiny object ad infinitum peddlers and get to developing real successful home based businesses of their own.

If you already have all the 8 bases covered because you are an accomplished marketer, then we offer an elite product and a high paying affiliate program to generate a great income. Just as importantly, we also offer a community of entrepreneurs with which to mastermind. To paraphrase Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, “nobody makes it without a mastermind alliance. Period.” More on that below.

New to Home Based Business?

If you are a novice or intermediate level online marketer, we can provide the support and training to fully develop your very own system, and the encouragement to get that done.

At the same time, until your website and marketing funnel is fully functional, our Affiliate site and marketing funnels are yours to use. That will allow you to immediately begin marketing the a high paying affiliate opportunity and product. One that pays between $1,000 and $7,000 per sale. Beats a $27 eBook all to hell.

When are you gonna decide to make your move? Click the button below and get started on your journey to those $10,000 Plus months. Just like you planned when you got started.



successful home based businesses



Successful Home Based BusinessesP.S. The other day I related the story of how my first big project as the Manitoba Provincial Biologist for Ducks Unlimited Canada had a $3 Million construction tab. It got done and done well despite the then huge and daunting task it entailed.  However, it’s a perfect example of the power of a mastermind alliance.

I was charged with ensuring the project was designed so that it would be biologically sound and provide all the various components of habitat required by breeding waterfowl. At the same time it had to enhance or at least not detrimentally impact other wildlife using the area.

A Perfect Mastermind Alliance

My mastermind partner on this project was a superb Civil Engineer. He was well versed in hydrology, earthworks, water control and management, etc. We were both experts in our fields but what made this project work was the fact we were both focused on exactly the same thing. Our goal was to design, build and operate a quality habitat project  so that it maximized waterfowl and other wildlife values.

We had no other agendas. Check out the way Napoleon Hill (Think And Grow Rich) defines a mastermind alliance and you’ll know what I mean.

About the Author Terry Neraasen

Online marketer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I come from a background in science with wetland and waterfowl ecology and management as both passions and vocation. I continue to be very passionate about wildlife conservation and protecting the environments upon which we all depend. I have been around the block with network marketing and affiliate sales. While I no longer focus on those areas of business I do promote the best MLM training I've ever seen- Go90Grow. It's all based on The Success System That Never Fails. I have graduated to online retailing of physical products. I'm a graduate and Certified Guide for The Master Key Experience which is the ultimate in personal development. Get in touch if you've a mind to. I'm always open to new things and new friends.

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